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Halti Front Control Training Harness

Product description

Halti Front Control Training Harness 4 4
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Size S: chest circumference 36 - 64cm
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Size M: chest circumference 58 - 86cm
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Size L: chest circumference 80 - 120cm
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Product description

Harness for puppies and dogs, ideal for controlled training and partially padded for high comfort with a carabiner hook, flexible and easy to use as well as adjustable, made from nylon and plastic.
Pulling can spoil even the most enjoyable walks with your dog, so this Halti Front Control Training Harness is a great option for helping eliminate this problem. The revolutionary control system shares the tension across the chest and shoulders. The partially padded Halti Front Control Training Harness allows you to direct your dog in a gentle, healthy way.

The Halti Front Control Training Harness can also be adjusted to ensure smooth and effective training in your dog’s puppy years.

Halti Front Control Training Harness at a glance:

  • Trianing harness for all dogs and puppies
  • Prevents pulling in a gentle way: for controlled training
  • Patented, revolutionary control system: spreads pressure across the chest and shoulders
  • Extreme comfort: thanks to partial padding
  • Flexible: easy to put on and adjust
  • With 1 carabiner and 3 O-rings
  • Secure to the collar with a carabiner
  • Ideal in combination with a Halti training lead
  • Material:
    • Harness: nylon
    • Click fastener: plastic
    • Carabiner/rings: steel
  • Colour: black/red
Sizing chart for Halti Front Control Training Harness:
Size Chest circumference Suitable for:
S 36 – 64cm Jack Russell; Corgi; Terrier; Sheltie; Buhund; Lahsa Apso; Toy-Poodle; Pug; Whippet; Shih Tzu; West Highland White Terrier; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Welsh Corgi Pembroke; Bichon Frisé
M 58 – 86cm Labrador; Retriever; Border Collie; Afghan Hound; American Staffordshire; Beagle; Australian Shepherd; Boxer; Chow Chow; Dalmatian; Doberman; Irish Setter; Siberian Husky; Schnauzer; Pit Bull; Long-Haired Collie, Münsterländer; Weimaraner
L 80 – 120cm Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler; Bullmastiff; Alaskan Malamute; Irish Wolf Hound; Newfoundland; Ridgeback; St. Bernard; Akita; Maremma Sheepdog; Barsoi; Gordon Setter; Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Please note:
The Halti Training Lead shown in the image is not included with the Halti Front Control Training Harness, which can be purchased separately:


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