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12kg IAMS Vitality Dry Dog Food + 3 x 75g 8in1 Delights Chews Sticks Free!*

Product description

12kg IAMS Vitality Dry Dog Food + 3 x 75g 8in1 Delights Chews Sticks Free!* 5 8
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34.49 36.99 EUR 7
Adult Small & Medium Dog - Chicken
Was  €38.18
Now €34.49
(€2.87 / kg)
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Adult Large Dog - Chicken
Was  €38.18
Now €34.49
(€2.87 / kg)
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Adult Dog Light in Fat - Chicken
Was  €39.68
Now €35.99
(€3.00 / kg)
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Puppy & Junior Large Dog - Chicken
Was  €39.68
Now €35.99
(€3.00 / kg)
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Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog - Chicken
Was  €40.18
Now €36.49
(€3.04 / kg)
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Senior & Mature Small & Medium Dog - Chicken
Was  €40.68
Now €36.99
(€3.08 / kg)
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Senior & Mature Large Dog - Chicken
Was  €38.68
Now €34.99
(€2.92 / kg)
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Product description

Now when you buy selected 12kg bags of IAMS for Vitality, delicious dry dog food for different life stages with varied flavours, you'll get a pack of 8in1 Delights Chews Sticks free!
This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 910638.xx (.xx = variant identifier).

8in1 Delights are the patented, healthy way to reward your dog and care for its teeth and gums at the same time. They are exceptionally tasty, natural and odour-neutral. Without artificial colours or flavour enhancers.

8in1 Delights contain plenty of tasty chicken which is wrapped in layers with crunchy and durable beef skin. The meat encourages your dog to chew, nibble and gnaw away. The crispy meat snack 8-in-1 Delights ensures long chewing fun that your four-legged friend won't be able to get enough of!

8in1 Delights at a glance:

  • For dogs weighing 2kg - 35kg
  • New, improved recipe
  • 100% nature
  • No artificial colours or flavourings
  • Unique chew snack with crunchy meat-bite
  • Plenty of good-quality chicken, wrapped in layers of tough and crunchy beef skin
  • Encourages the natural gnawing instinct
  • Different sizes for the individual dog
  • Beneficial for teeth and gums
  • Durable chewing fun
  • Will be completely eaten up - no unwanted left-overs!

IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food is complete, balanced food designed specially for supporting your dog's health, helping support vitality and offering irresistible flavour. The high-quality dry food is rich in animal protein and is made with improved wheat-free recipes tailored to meet the unique needs of your dog throughout its life.

This IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals chosen to support 7 signs of healthy vitality. The crunchy kibble is specially adapted to be the ideal size for your dog's jaws, supporting dental health and helping reduce tartar build-up. The nutrients in this food are vital for muscles, bones, digestive tract, heart and immune system strength. IAMS for Vitality can also keep coat glossy and skin healthy. It has a base of animal protein, which forms a large part of the total protein content. This tasty dish is rich in meat to ensure great acceptance and hearty flavour. There is no wheat in this dish, and it is also free from artificial colours and flavourings, making it easy to digest and well-accepted. This IAMS for Vitality Adult Dry Dog Food contributes to overall wellbeing and great quality of life.

IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food at a glance:
  • Balanced dry food for junior, adult and senior dogs
  • For all breeds, with specific small, medium and large options, as well as reduced-fat version
  • Rich in animal protein: of the total protein content
  • Supports 7 signs of healthy vitality:
    • Healthy teeth: the crunchy texture and adapted mineral content can help support dental health and combat tartar build-up
    • Glossy coat and healthy skin: supported by omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
    • Strong bones: enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D to support bones
    • Strong muscles: high-quality animal protein and essential minerals help to keep muscles strong
    • Strong immune system: antioxidants and a combination of vitamins C and E support natural bodily defences
    • Healthy digestion: a tailored mix of fibres with prebiotics and sugar beet pulp to keep the digestive tract healthy
    • Strong heart: contains vital nutrients that can keep the heart strong and healthy
  • Well accepted: delicious flavour thanks to improved recipe with fresh meat and other selected ingredients
  • Free from added artificial flavours, colourings and wheat
  • Crunchy pellets: size adapted to your dog’s jaws, easy to bite and chew
  • Resealable bag

More information about the individual varieties can be found here:

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