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beaphar Calming Tablets

Product description

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Product description

Supplement for dogs, for stressful situations (car journeys, in thunderstorms, going to the vet), with lemon balm, lime blossom, rosemary and hop blossom, comes in tablet form, also suitable for cats
Sometimes gentle coaxing and some extra cuddles just aren’t enough during a particularly stressful situation and some extra help is needed for your pet to feel at ease. beaphar Calming Tablets was developed for exactly this reason. The calming tablets can help your beloved pet to relax when stressed. This supplement is suitable for cats, as well as for dogs of all ages and all breeds.

Stressful situations, including a long car journey, a trip to see the vet, moving to a new house or fireworks, cannot always be avoided in day to day life. These calming tablets are the ideal solution for helping your pet to relax. They contain carefully selected herbs, such as, lemon balm, lime blossom, rosemary and hop blossom. You can give the tablet directly to your dog or you can mix it into food.

beaphar Calming Tablets at a glance:
  • Supplement for puppies and adult dogs
  • Also suitable for cats
  • For stressful situations: can help your dog to relax in stressful times and supports your dog’s overall well-being
  • Suitable for various situations: for example, on a car journey, a trip to the vet, moving home, fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Made with specially selected herbs: contains lemon balm, lime blossom, rosemary and hop blossom among others
  • Easy to measure out: practical tablets, can be administered directly or added to food
  • No artificial additives 


Milk and dairy products, vegetable by-products (herbs: lemon balm 16%, rosemary 8.1%, lime blossom 4.9%, hop blossom 3.3%), minerals, oils and fats, grain. 

This product contains no additives according to the manufacturer. 

Analytical constituents

protein 7.8 %
fat 2.6 %
fibre 5.9 %
ash 33.0 %
calcium 8.9 %
phosphorus 6.2 %
magnesium 0.05 %
moisture 3.9 %
potassium 0.75 %
sodium 0.29 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Guidelines

beaphar Calming Tablets are a supplement for dogs and cats. 

The tablets can be administered directly or mixed into food. Give your pet the tablet approximately 1 and a half hours before a potentially stressful situation and repeat after 2 and a half hours if needed. The recommended dose should not be given more than three times per day (see information below). Always make sure fresh water is available.

Recommended dose per use:
Small dogs (<10kg): ½ a tablet
Medium dogs (10-25kg): 1 tablet
Large dogs(>25kg): 2 tablets
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