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Tropical Malawi Chips

Product description

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Product description

Multi-ingredient complete food for Malawi Cichlids, for lively, colourful fish, with vegetable protein from peas and algae, enriched with wheat germ and fibre, slowly sinking chips
Malawi cichlids are beautiful ornamental fish that make an eye-catching addition to any aquarium. Cichlids need a food that is tailored to their needs in order to keep them healthy and vibrant for a long time. The Tropical Malawi Chips have been specially developed for mbuna cichlids, meaning that these chips are the ideal shape and size to fit in the mouths of your decorative fish and this encourages active feeding. 

The Tropical Malawi Chips are nutritionally complete and are made up of a variety of ingredients. They contain lots of easily digestible vegetable proteins, for example, from peas and spirulina. The wheat germ provides your fish with beneficial fatty acids, while fibres and nettles support digestion. This cichlid food is prepared with kelp, which is a source of vitamins and minerals. This is an optimal choice for making sure your Malawi cichlids receive a balanced diet rich in vitamins. 

Tropical Malawi Chips at a glance: 
  • Complete food for Malawi mbuna cichlids
  • Multi-ingredient formula: ideal for omnivorous and vegetarian cichlids
  • Complete nutrition: keeps fish lively and their colour vibrant
  • High protein content from plant sources: including from peas and spirulina, highly digestible
  • With kelp: a natural source of vitamins and minerals such as iodine
  • Enriched with wheat germ: provides valuable unsaturated fats
  • With fibres and nettles: can aid digestion
  • A source of L-Carnitine 
  • Slowly sinking chips: ideal size to be eaten by cichlids, promotes natural eating behaviour


Vegetable protein extract, fish and fish by-products, vegetable extracts (incl. green pea powder 10%, nettle powder 4%, wheat germ 3.2%, spinach powder 2.6%), grain (incl. oatmeal 10%), algae (spirulina 3.4%, ascophyllum nodosum 2%), mollusc and crab (incl. krill meal 2.2%), yeast, oils and fats, minerals. 

Nutritional additives per kg: 
Vitamin A (32,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1,900 IU), vitamin E (120mg), vitamin C (440mg), L-Carnitine (250mg), iron (48.6mg), zinc (13.5mg), manganese (10.1mg), copper (2.4mg), iodine (0.3mg), molybdenum (0.06mg).

Technological additives:
Antioxidants, colourings.

Analytical constituents

protein 43.0 %
fat 9.0 %
fibre 2.0 %
moisture 10.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Tropical Malawi Chips are a complete food for ornamental fish. 

Feed in small portions several times a day.
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