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Tetra SafeStart Water Preparation

Product description

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Product description

Water preparation for stocking fish into your aquarium.
By dealing effectively with ammonia and nitrite fish can be added immediately and new tank syndrome avoided.

Normally, when setting up an aquarium, it takes time to introduce the fish (sometimes weeks). This is because the filter inside the aquarium needs to 'mature' in order to deal with harmful ammonia, produced by the fish, and nitrite. High levels of these substances are toxic to fish – an effect known as new tank syndrome.
Controlling the water using water tests are absolutely essential!

  • Now it is possible to create a biologically active environment for your new fish.
  • Instant biological activity in your aquarium provided by life bacteria
  • Reduce dangerous Ammonia and Nitrate
  • 12 Stablize temperatures whether its 2 Grad C or 30 Grad C
  • Receive an ideal combination with Tetra AquaSafe
  • For all fresh water aquariums

When setting up a new aquarium:

  • Set the aquarium up and turn on all equipment, using Tetra AquaSafe to condition the water
  • Wait at least 24hrs to ensure that the equipment is working correctly, and to allow the aquarium to reach the correct temperature
  • Then add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water, at the same time as adding the fish
  • We recommend adding a moderate number of fish, under the direction of your aquatics outlet
  • As a precaution: We recommend regularly testing the ammonia and nitrate levels using test kits.
  • If levels rise, perform a partial water change using Tetra AquaSafe to reduce them
  • Following filter maintenance, water quality problems, or water changes: Add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water
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