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Rosie's Farm Adult Trial Pack 4 x 1kg

Product description

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Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Lamb
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Product description

Delicious grain-free dry dog food with 30% fresh meat or fish, enriched with seasonal veg, sweet potato, salmon oil and herbs. And absolutely no artificial flavours, additives or colours. Try now.
Rosie's Farm adult dry dog food at a glance:
  • Gloriously 100% grain-free and easy to digest
  • Top quality protein - 30% fresh meat or fish
  • Complete dry dog food
  • With energy-packed sweet potato
  • Enriched with vital salmon oil, and herbs
  • Very well-accepted
  • With omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which can help to promote shiny fur and healthy skin
  • No artificial preservatives, colour or taste enhancers
  • Perfect for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Crafted with care by a small family business
Rosie's Farm Mixed Trial Pack 4 x 1kg contains:
  • 1kg Rosie's Farm "Shepherd's Pie" Lamb with Sweet Potatoes & Beans
  • 1kg Rosie's Farm "Sunday Supper" Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1kg Rosie's Farm "Seaside Feast" Salmon with Sweet Potatoes & Amaranth
  • 1kg Rosie's Farm "Country-Style" Beef with Sweet Potatoes & Chickpeas
Each variety more delicious than the next.
Take a visit to Rosie's Farm to find out about the individual flavours, ingredients and feeding guides.

Rosie’s Farm adult dry dog food is lovingly made with lots of protein-rich fresh meat and seasonal vegetables. We believe that your dog deserves to enjoy properly natural food, so Rosie’s Farm meals contain only top-quality meat or fish – no rendered meat meal or other nasties.Just like the food you make at home, we don’t use any horrid chemical additives, fillers or fake flavour enhancers– only whole, natural ingredients treated properly to bring out their true flavour. All ingredients are gently cooked to provide your dog with a tasty, satisfying meal in every bowl. Plus, the splash of salmon oil helps keep your dog’s coat glossy and their skin supple.
Spoil your dog with the traditionally tasty recipes just like you and your family enjoy together. This grain-free food is also kind to tummies, making it ideal for dogs with nutritional intolerances. Rosie’s Farm kibble is rounded off with a selection of delicious fruit & veg, and will keep your dog’s tail wagging right through the day.

Rosie’s Farm: Food to fall for!

Rosie's Farm dry dog food is available in 1kg and 12kg bags, as well as 2 x 12kg economy packs.

And if your dog prefers wet food, or you like to mix and match, there is also a range of mouthwatering Rosie's Farm wet dog food to choose from. Click here for further information.


Feeding guide

Take a visit to Rosie's Farm to find out about the individual flavours, ingredients and feeding guides.
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