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Chipsi Carefresh Original Pet Bedding

Product description

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Product description

Bio-degradable pet bedding, earth coloured cellulose flakes made from plant fibres for a natural look & feel. Encourages nest building, gives off cosy warmth. Very hygienic with great absorption. 
The Chipsi Carefresh Original Pet Bedding will help your small pet feel at home in its cage. The cellulose flakes are made from 100% biog-degradable plant fibres and provide a natural look and feel to your pet's home.

The high absorptive capacity of these flakes will keep your cage clean and dry by reducing unpleasant smells and liquids. As well as their hygienic properties, the flakes are also soft and supple so as not to injure your pet and their sensitive paws. They are perfect for digging tunnels and making nests, giving off a comforting and cozy warmth. This will keep your pet in excellent physical and psychological health by creating a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for them. 

Chipsi Carefresh Original Pet Bedding at a glance:
  • Natural pet bedding
  • Great for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, degus, and ferrets
  • Earth coloured cellulose flakes: completely organic plant fibres with a natural look
  • Soft and supple: to protect your pet's sensitive paws and prevent injury
  • Gives off warmth: perfect for digging tunnels and making nests, keeps your pet warm and comfortable while sleeping
  • Absorptive material: keeps the cage clean and hygienic by removing liquids and unpleasant smells
  • Engaging: keeps your pet entertained and encourages digging, playing, and building
  • Hygienic: almost completely dust-free for a clean and comfortable cage cleaning experience
  • Bio-degradable: totally natural and environmentally friendly, free from resin and lignine
  • Pleasant paper fragrance
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