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Hill's Feline Prescription Diet Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Product description

Hill's Feline Prescription Diet Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 85g 5 35
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k/d Kidney Care
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Product description

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline Pouches offer dietetic wet food that has been clinically proven to support treatment of a variety of health conditions. Now available as a great-value Saver Pack!
Vet Food Disclaimer

Should your pet become ill, Hill's offers therapeutic nutrition for your cat with Prescription Diet products that include a wide range of clinically proven products. Each one supports the alleviation of the major health problems of your pet, ranging from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD) to digestive disorders, as well as weight management and food suited for periods of convalescence following surgery or bouts of serious illness. 

Each wet food has been developed by nutritionists and veterinarians to create an effective, therapeutic diet. The carefully constructed recipe use high quality ingredients and are enriched with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that support vital functions and can help to strengthen the body's immune system. More information about the individual varieties can be found here:

Hill's Prescription Diet Wet Cat Food


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