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Josera Emotion Minette

Josera Emotion Minette

Josera Emotion Minette Cat Food is for adolescent cats as well as pregnant or nursing cats. The best protein source for healthy development. Taurin for the heart and eyesight, Vitamin E.

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Happy Mum and Kittens!

I bought this because 2 of my 3 kittens are long haired and I was spending on additional anti hairball food - no need with this. It is the obvious winner in kitten dried food and they would not even finish other dried food after tasting this.Very happy owner,Mum and kittens.

Penny Barnden (05/02/09) Back to Josera Emotion Minette

Yum Yum

Great biscuits and at a Great price! kittens clean the bowl.

layla grant (25/05/08) Back to Josera Emotion Minette
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