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zooplus Repeat

How do I set up zooplus Repeat?

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What are the advantages of zooplus Repeat?

zooplus Repeat means you don’t have to worry about ordering pet food and supplies anymore! And that’s not all – our regular deliveries subscription service offers other benefits too:

  • Get up to 5%* off the current daily price of your selected zooplus Repeat items
  • Cancel at any time, with no prior notice, additional costs or cancellation fees
  • Flexible delivery intervals, order dates and product selection
  • Add one-time delivery products to your regular zooplus Repeat order

*Cannot be used in combination with any other coupons or discounts, including savings plan. At the checkout the highest discount available for each product will be automatically applied.

How do I find zooplus Repeat in the zooplus app?

To be able to use zooplus Repeat in our app, please update your zooplus app to the latest version in the Google Play Store for Android or in the Apple App Store for iOS. Please make sure that your mobile device has at least software version Android 23 or iOS 15.

How do I pay for my zooplus Repeat order?

You can pay for your zooplus Repeat orders with a debit/credit card or PayPal.

When you set up your first zooplus Repeat order, the system will default to the payment method used for the order the subscription is based on. Changes to the payment method can be made during checkout or in the subscription overview at "my zooplus".

What are the delivery costs for my zooplus Repeat order?

Shipping is free for all zooplus Repeat orders with a value of €49.00 or more to the majority of postcodes in the Republic of Ireland. See Shipping & Delivery for further information.

Is there a minimum order value or minimum purchase quantity?

There is no minimum purchase quantity, however there is a minimum order value (excluding shipping charges) for each zooplus Repeat delivery. See Shipping & Delivery for further information.

Is this the only way to set up a zooplus Repeat order?

You can convert a completed order into a subscription order:

  • Open "my zooplus" and login to your account. Go to "Orders" and select the order you want to convert into a zooplus Repeat order.
  • Click "Order details" to see the items ordered
  • Select "Convert to zooplus Repeat" and start configuration
  • Now follow the steps to set up your zooplus Repeat order

Your first Subscribe & Save order will be triggered on the date you have selected – after that delivery will take place automatically at the specified interval.

If you wish to make any changes, pause or cancel your subscription, you can do this easily and quickly in the Subscribe & Save section in "my zooplus".

How do I make changes my zooplus Repeat order?

You can change your zooplus Repeat order at any time to suit your individual circumstances. Just go to the zooplus Repeat section in "my zooplus".

You can change the following:

  • Products in the zooplus Repeat order
  • Delivery interval
  • Next order date
  • Subscription status (active or paused)
  • Delivery address*
  • Payment method*
  • Name of subscription

It's quick and easy to do:

  • Go to the zooplus Repeat overview in "my zooplus".
  • Select the zooplus Repeat order you want to change and click on "Change"
  • Make the changes
  • Save the change

*In the zooplus Repeat overview you can select from pre-stored addresses or payment methods. If you want to create a new address or register a new payment method, please create it in the "Personal Information" section in "my zooplus".

Can I add products to my zooplus Repeat order?

You can change the product selection in your zooplus Repeat order at any time in the subscription overview at "my zooplus". You can also choose whether to add additional products permanently or as a one-time delivery to your order.

This is how you do it:

  • Select the products you want to add to your zooplus Repeat order and place them in your shopping basket.
  • Go to the zooplus Repeat overview at "my zooplus".
  • Select the order you want to change and click on "Change".
  • Click on "Add products" to see the products in your basket.
  • Select the number of products to be added to the next zooplus Repeat order.
  • For zooplus Repeat-eligible items, you can also select whether this item should be permanently added to your subscription.
  • Apply changes.

Will I be notified before my next zooplus Repeat order is dispatched?

We will send you an email reminder 5 days before we dispatch your next zooplus Repeat order. If you need to adjust or pause your subscription order you can do this up to 2 days prior to the order date. Simply go to the zooplus Repeat section at "my zooplus". You can also add one-time delivery items to your order.

What is the latest date I can change my zooplus Repeat order?

You can change your zooplus Repeat order up to two days before the next order date. It is not possible to change your order after this.

What happens if a zooplus Repeat item is no longer available?

If one of your zooplus Repeat items is out of stock or no longer available, you will be notified about the situation. We'll suggest suitable alternatives that you can add to your subscription order with just one click. After all, we have your pet's best interests at heart!

What is your cancellation policy?

You can pause, change or cancel your zooplus Repeat orders free of charge at any time in the Subscribe & Save section at "my zooplus" by clicking on the “Cancel zooplus Repeat order” button.

Which items are eligible for zooplus Repeat?

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about zooplus Repeat.

Where can I find the zooplus Repeat T&Cs?

You can find the Terms & Conditions for zooplus Repeat here.

Status: 04.04.2024