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Rabbit Water Dispenser

Rabbit Water Dispenser

Large small pet drinking water dispenser made from robust plastic, mounts onto cage or run, with additional spring fastening, easily refilled from the top

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A great investment in time-saving

I love these bottles! They hold a good amount of water, are easy to clean and frozen water is much easier to get rid of than from the traditional bottles with their small openings, which saves a lot of time. Like all water bottles, they can leak, but I've found that this is usually caused by trapped debris in the valve. Once rinsed through, they're work perfectly again. Will be buying more.

love this water bottle

Love this water bottle, doesn't drip at all! And filling it up and cleaning it is so much easier. Definitely recommend.

Good water bottles

I like these water containers. The wide flip top allows for easy pouring and easy cleaning. Can't quite see why connecting the wires to the body has to be quite so tricky (maybe I haven't got the hang of it) and remember to fix them in place before filling with water, but still think they are good and very good value.

water bottle

These bottles are great if you have a few buns. I run a rabbit rescue center and its cut down the time i take filling them by half. Im very pleased with them. One draw back not so good in very cold weather will freeze

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Great product!

I was a bit apprehensive about buying these as I had not seen them before. I didn't need to worry though - they are great. So much easier to fill. I can top up all 10 with a watering can in less time than it used to take me to fill and refit a couple of water bottles. The whole lid hinges up so you are not trying to aim at a small target. A couple of rabbits who have only ever had water bottles were a bit slow getting used to them but they are all happy now!

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