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Nests & Nesting Materials

Your small pet needs a cuddly nest in order to create his own atmosphere and isolate himself in his own warmth and comfort. Here you'll find the perfect nest and nest material for your furry friend's "alone time".

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JR Farm Mountain-Meadow Hay ratings (10 Reviews)
JR Farm Mountain-Meadow Hay  
Softly packed and hand-picked fresh mountain-meadow hay and straw.  
- 2.5kg €8.29
( €3.60 / kg)

Up to 34% off Hemp Bedding ratings (6 Reviews)
Hemp Bedding  
Hemp bedding for small animals from 100% hemp, especially low in dust and suitable for allergic pets, softer than pellets and economical.  
- 30 litre Was  €11.99
Now  €9.99
( €0.33 / l)

- 100 litre Was  €29.99
Now  €19.90
( €0.20 / l)

Up to 18% off JR Farm Kapok Pod Of Nesting Material ratings (3 Reviews)
JR Farm Kapok Pod Of Nesting Material  
Soft, natural nesting material from JR Farm for making their own nest  
- 1 pod Was  €3.39
Now  €2.79
( €2.79 / piece)

- 3 pods individually priced €8.37
now €7.49
( €2.50 / piece)

Up to 16% off Hemp Floor for Small Pets ratings (3 Reviews)
Hemp Floor for Small Pets  
Soft hemp mat for your small pet's home, especially suitable for animals with allergic reactions.
Available in a variety of sizes.
- 40 x 100 cm (L x W) Was  €8.29
Now  €6.99
- 50 x 120 cm (L x W) Was  €12.99
Now  €10.99
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Hamster-Slumber Bedding Hamster-Slumber Bedding  
The ideal, hygienic bedding, Colour: brown  
- 3 x 25g Was  €4.99
Now  €3.49
( €4.65 / 100g)

JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg More photos (3) ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg  
JR Farm Special Hay - gently dried hay mixed with tasty ingredients.
For the gourmet pet.
- Dandelion Meadow Was  €7.29
Now  €5.39
( €3.59 / kg)

- Apple Meadow Was  €7.29
Now  €5.39
( €3.59 / kg)

Hugro Cotton Litter Hugro Cotton Litter New  
A dust-free litter made from natural cotton. Soft and warm, it absorbs moisture and odours. 100% compostable. Suitable for all small pets.  
- 40l Was  €14.49
Now  €13.90
( €0.35 / l)

Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay More photos (3) ratings (3 Reviews)
Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay  
This sweet smelling mountain meadow hay made from top quality hay is full of vital nutrients and has a high fibre content. Ready to use and great value for money.  
- 2.5kg €8.29
( €3.60 / kg)

Bunny Bed O'Linum Natural Linen Bedding More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Bunny Bed O'Linum Natural Linen Bedding  
Natural linen bedding with added Soft Dry odour absorber, for durable odour control with up to 30% improved ammoniac binding compared to hemp.  
- 35 litre Was  €16.49
Now  €13.90
( €0.40 / l)

Chipsi Super Pet Litter More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Chipsi Super Pet Litter  
Chipsi Super Pet Litter is an extremely absorbent, odour-binding litter and it is dust and germ free too, made from treated pine and spruce  
- 3.4kg Was  €7.29
Now  €4.99
( €1.47 / kg)

- Economy Pack: 2 x 3.4kg individually priced €9.98
now €7.99
( €1.18 / kg)

Hugro Back to Life Cellulose Litter Hugro Back to Life Cellulose Litter New  
Low-dust „Back to Life“ litter made from 100% recycled cellulose fibres for small pets and birds. Odour-reducing and compostable, high moisture-binding, with no artificial additives or chemicals.  
- 30l Was  €19.99
Now  €19.90
( €0.66 / l)

- Economy Pack: 2 x 30l individually priced €35.99
now €34.90
( €0.58 / l)

Supreme Tumblefresh Cellulose Litter Supreme Tumblefresh Cellulose Litter  
A very absorbent, natural litter which eradicates nasty odours. Dust-free, longer lasting that traditional litter  
- 8.5l Was  €12.99
Now  €12.90
( €1.52 / l)

Chipsi Family Corn-Hygiene-Pellets ratings (1 Review)
Chipsi Family Corn-Hygiene-Pellets  
Very absorbent litter made from corn hygiene pellets. A great alternative to straw or wood-shaving products.  
- 20 litre €14.49
( €0.74 / l)

- Economy Pack: 2 x 20 litre individually priced €23.99
now €26.90
( €0.67 / l)

Porta Pellis Straw Pellets ratings (9 Reviews)
Porta Pellis Straw Pellets  
Premium straw bedding for small pets with 400% absorbency, low-dust and well dried, pleasant natural straw scent, with biological odour control.  
- 60 litre (approx 25kg) €19.99
( €0.36 / l)

Living World Green Biodegradable  Cage Liners More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Living World Green Biodegradable Cage Liners  
Cage liners for fast and easy bedding changes. Recommended for use with the Living World Green Eco Habitat, also suitable for other cages.  
- Size M Was  €9.99
Now  €7.99
- Size L Was  €11.90
Now  €9.99
Small Pet Rug Small Pet Rug  
Flax mat for small pet homes, perfect for playing or cuddling.
Contents: 2 mats, 40 cm x 25 cm each.
- 1 Pair €3.39
- Double Pack: 2 pairs individually priced €6.79
now €7.99
Trixie Grass Nest ratings (6 Reviews)
Trixie Grass Nest  
A nest made of natural dried grass, ideal retreat for playing and sleeping with 4 entrances  
- 16 cm Was  €6.99
Now  €3.49
Trixie Grass Bed ratings (7 Reviews)
Trixie Grass Bed  
The Trixie Grass Bed is made from 100 natural products
An edible snuggle bed.
Available in different sizes.
- 26 x 22 x 10 cm (L x W x H) (for guinea pigs) Was  €6.49
Now  €4.99
- 33 x 26 x 12 cm (L x W x H) (for rabbits) Was  €8.49
Now  €6.99
Grass Tunnel ratings (5 Reviews)
Grass Tunnel  
Naturally dried grass braided into tunnels, a sleeping and nibbling place for small pets, edible  
- 2-part tunnel Was  €22.90
Now  €14.90
Grass House with two entrances ratings (11 Reviews)
Grass House with two entrances  
A great place for small pets to sleep and play. Made from natural dried grass, with 2 entrances.  
- 28 x 18 x 15 cm (L x W x H) Was  €8.49
Now  €6.99
As a Supplement: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
JR Farm coarse feed More photos (2) ratings (25 Reviews)
JR Farm coarse feed  
The tasty alternative to hay  
- Meadow flowers 300 g €4.99
( €1.66 / 100g)

- Dandelion 500 g Was  €8.79
Now  €7.99
( €1.60 / 100g)

JR Farm Green Oats More photos (2) ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Green Oats  
Healthy raw feed for every day, supplementary feed suitable for rabbits and other small pets  
- 500 g €7.49
( €1.60 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 500 g individually priced €14.99
now €13.90
( €1.39 / 100g)

Mr Woodfield Willow Hay Ball ratings (6 Reviews)
Mr Woodfield Willow Hay Ball  
Mr Woodfield Willow Hay Ball is a delicious, extra-large willow ball from JR Farm. Filled with marigold hay. Perfect for your pet rabbit or other small pets to play with or nibble on.  
- 1 piece Was  €5.99
Now  €4.99
As an Alternative Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
JR Mr Woodfield Willow Hay Rack JR Mr Woodfield Willow Hay Rack  
A charming hay rack made from natural materials: a woven willow basket, filled with sweet-smelling wild meadow flower hay. A tasty supplementary food for rabbits and other small pets.  
- 120 g Was  €7.49
Now  €5.49
( €4.58 / 100g)


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