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Cosma Snackies - Freeze-dried Cat Snacks

Cats simply adore them. Cosma snackies – freeze-dried premium quality snacks. 100% pure meat or fish. Completely natural, grain-free with no preservatives, colour or flavour enhancers.

Cosma snackies: 100% pure meat or fish. A completely natural snack for your cat, made from pure meat or fish. Even really choosy cats love them.

Cosma snackies are made by using a very gentle and lengthy freeze-drying process which retains all the vital nutrients and the great taste. The meat or fish is carefully heated at a very low temperature so that the water is slowly extracted. ...for further information...

Ingredients  Feeding Recommendation  Analytical constituents:

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Super Treats: "My cat (now 15 months old) adores these treats and has done since she was a kitten. I only have to open the cupboard or shake the container and she i.."

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2.89 2.89 EUR
Product Article Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
- Chicken (26g) 208657.0 Was  €3.19
Now  €2.89
( €11.12 / 100g)
- +
- Duck (21g) 208657.1 Was  €3.19
Now  €2.89
( €13.76 / 100g)
- +
- Beef (23g) 208657.2 Was  €3.19
Now  €2.89
( €12.57 / 100g)
- +
- Tuna (25g) 208657.3 Was  €3.19
Now  €2.89
( €11.56 / 100g)
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Continuation of Product Description:
The high quality of preparation which goes into Cosma snackies means that your cat will have an intense taste experience. All meat and fish used is of a standard suitable for human consumption.

Cosma snackies are made from 100% pure which will appeal to even the choosiest cat. Snackies are grain-free. The snackies are available in the following varieties:

  • Chicken (26g): Delicious chunks of meat for cats who love chicken
  • Duck (21g): Made from tasty, enticing chunks of duck meat
  • Beef (23g): Selected cuts of beef make this an irresistible snack
  • Tuna (25g): These exquisite chunks of tuna are just the thing if your cat prefers fish.

Pure meat or fish freeze-dried snacks are made from natural products and are easy to digest. They are recommended by vets and cat breeders as a healthy treat for your cat.

Irresistible Cosma snackies come in a re-sealable tube which keeps the natural meat or fish fresh and tasty. You can feed your cat Snackies several times a day or ring the changes by scattering them over other food. Your cat will love you even more. Cosma Snackies are a unique product with a very special, natural taste experience which your cat will adore.

Cosma Snackies - the pure, natural snack for your cat.

pdf Cosma Snackies Further Information


Chicken: 100 % chicken

Duck: 100 % duck

Beef: 100 % beef

Tuna: 100 % tuna

Feeding Recommendation
Give your cat 3 to 4 chunks, up to twice daily. Please make sure your pet has enough fresh drinking water.
Analytical constituents:
Chicken (26g)
Duck (21g)
Beef (23g)
Tuna (25g)
protein fat ash moisture
79.0 % 5.0 % 1.0 % 5.0 %
80.0 % 3.5 % 0.8 % 5.0 %
66.0 % 9.0 % 1.0 % 5.0 %
79.0 % 3.1 % 0.8 % 6.0 %

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