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Corn Nesting Material for Small Pets

Corn bedding is a 100% natural bedding, suitable for bedding or ground cover for both small pets or birds. Corn Granules are made out of corn cobs. This natural product is decidedly heavier than normal wood chips or other granule products. That way it doesn't stick to your pet's fur and paws and doesn't get tracked outside the cage. The natural corn product has it's own character and scent that is pleasant to pets.

Corn Nesting Material for Small Pets:

Chipsi Family Corn-Hygiene-Pellets

11.99 21.49 EUR 2
20 litre
Was  €14.49
Now  €11.99
( €0.60 / l)
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Economy Pack: 2 x 20 litre
individually priced €23.98
Now €21.49
( €0.54 / l)
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Chipsi Corn Cob Granule Litter

9.49 9.49 EUR 1
4.5kg (10 litre)
Sold out
( €2.11 / kg)
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