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Natural Food Plants

Natural food plants are an ideal food supplement for your pet's daily ration. Food plants provide your pet with the nutritious variety that is so important for his or her healthy life.

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Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log ratings (16 Reviews)
Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log  
Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log is a special cracker from JR Farm with herbs and flowers.
Supplementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and degus.
To hang in cage
- 1 piece Was  €3.99
Now  €3.79
Up to 12% off JR Farm Herb Special ratings (10 Reviews)
JR Farm Herb Special  
Natural JR Farm food supplement with vegetables, herbs and hay, for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, degus and chinchillas  
- 500 g €3.99
( €0.80 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 500 g individually priced €7.98
now €6.99
( €0.70 / 100g)

JR Farm: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Jr Farm Farmy's Grainless More photos (2) Jr Farm Farmy's Grainless  
A natural, grainfree snack for all small pets such as rabbits, chinchillas and degus. Does not contain sugar, meal, molasses or artificial additives. Low in calcium.  
- 2 x 2 portions sunflower and camomile Was  €5.58
Now  €4.99
JR Farm coarse feed More photos (2) ratings (25 Reviews)
JR Farm coarse feed  
The tasty alternative to hay  
- Meadow flowers 300 g €4.99
( €1.66 / 100g)

- Dandelion 500 g €7.99
( €1.60 / 100g)

JR Farm Corn Cobs ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Corn Cobs  
Fun gnawing and nibbling for your little one - exclusively at zooplus!  
- 400 g €3.59
( €0.90 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 3 x 400 g individually priced €10.77
now €9.99
( €0.83 / 100g)

JR Farm Hay Tunnel ratings (9 Reviews)
JR Farm Hay Tunnel  
Hay tunnel for nibbling and hiding in, ideal for dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs but also for smaller pets, 100% natural material, aromatic encased hay roll, supplementary feed and home  
- length: 25 cm, Ø 13.5 cm Was  €6.99
Now  €5.99
- length: 30 cm, Ø 20 cm Was  €9.99
Now  €7.99
JR Farm Grainless Hay Bell Hibiscus ratings (1 Review)
JR Farm Grainless Hay Bell Hibiscus  
A bell-shaped cracker from JR Farm. Made from hay, hibiscus flowers and seeds. For rabbits and other small pets. To hang up. Grain and sugar-free!  
- 1 piece Was  €3.49
Now  €2.99
- Saver Pack: 2 x 1 piece individually priced €5.98
now €5.29
JR Farm Green Oats More photos (2) ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Green Oats  
Healthy raw feed for every day, supplementary feed suitable for rabbits and other small pets  
- 500 g €7.99
( €1.60 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 500 g individually priced €15.98
now €13.90
( €1.39 / 100g)

JR Farm Nibble Ears ratings (1 Review)
JR Farm Nibble Ears  
Single natural grain husks for all rabbits and small pets, a natural snack just like in the wild  
- wheat 100 g (approx. 50 pc.) €5.99
( €5.99 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 2 x wheat 100 g (approx. 50 pieces) individually priced €11.98
now €9.99
( €5.00 / 100g)

JR Farm Dari Cob - 3 Pieces More photos (3) ratings (2 Reviews)
JR Farm Dari Cob - 3 Pieces  
JR Farm Dari Cob is single-ingredient food for all small pets and birds. The perfect activity to occupy your pet's time.  
- red 3 pieces €4.79
( €1.60 / piece)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 3 pieces - red individually priced €9.58
now €7.99
( €1.33 / piece)

JR Farm Natural Snacks Pack ratings (1 Review)
JR Farm Natural Snacks Pack  
Oat Bites, Corn Cobs, Pine Shoots, and Nibble Bouquet - exclusively at zooplus!  
- 4 different snacks €9.99
( €2.50 / piece)

JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg More photos (3) ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg  
JR Farm Special Hay - gently dried hay mixed with tasty ingredients.
For the gourmet pet.
- Dandelion Meadow €5.39
( €3.59 / kg)

- Apple Meadow €5.39
( €3.59 / kg)


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