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Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log

Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log

Mr Woodfield Roll ‘n’ Fun Nibble Log is a special cracker from JR Farm with herbs and flowers.
Supplementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and degus.
To hang in cage

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I bought this for mt daughters syrian hamster and it came with less petals than said but she loves it and its being demolished this very second!

Rat Demolition

I bought this unsure if my two Ratty girls would be interested, well after a small battle with pilers to get it in their cage (I have a narrow bar spacing only 1cm and the hooks are a bit big) my rats firstly decided it made a great perching post, but 2 days later they ripped into it and have been having great fun demolishing the wood and eating the nibble. A few weeks later it's almost all gone and will definitely need to reorder!!! They love it!


Looks amazing and my gerbils love it but it won't spin and the wood is sticky but still great for them!

Different style of treat

I ordered this as I love the idea! A treat that's also a log that also spins! Fab! It hangs from the top of the cage on 2 secure metal hooks. It's very messy with the dandelion bits but winston seems to be enjoying nibbling and playing with it.

One of our favourites!

I love it as it's a two-in-one snack and toy which, as I place it high up in his cage, gives him a workout, and it's his joint favourite snack, and he enjoys the wood part. The looks I get if we run out...

Great For Degus

Bought this for my degus and they loved it. Lasted longer than I thought, considering the way they destroy things. I am thinking about getting one for my new chinchilla.

Arrived broken

I was very disappointed when this arrived with my zooplus delivery. Unfortunately it had foolishly been packed at the bottom of the box with several heavy items packed on top. The treat was completely crushed and unusable. I contacted Zooplus customer care who were very helpful and refunded me.

Perfect for piggies!

Our piggies are fussy little things and often refuse to eat 'treats' that we have bought them. Initially they ignored this so we thought it was another waste of money, but after a few hours they had a taste and now they both absolutely love it! Had it 4 days and it's about half gone. It's lovely to have something they can nibble on for a change from hay and pellets, and that's quite healthy for them. Would definitely buy again.

Worth a try

This product is good for the younger hamster I think, because its quite tough to pull apart. My older ladies aren't to interested in it at all to be honest. But my little man loved it. Depends on the hamster, worth a try, nice little item.

Excellent product

I bought these for my hamster and my rabbit. Both of them loved it. The rabbit devoured hers in no time.

Need to buy more !

I brought this for my mini lop and within a couple of seconds of it being in there it was being chewed away ! He absolutely loves it. Will have to buy some more as day two it only has crumbles left !

Looks sturdy, ours had a lot less flower petals than in the picture

I have no doubt my degus will like this, they like wood, they love food and a combo of the two will keep them entertained. However, to stop them overeating I have decided to only give them it during free-range time. When I received the product it was intact but disappointing as, from the image I was expecting a lot more variety and petals on it. Instead, the 44% parsley stalks verges on 70% but I'm sure my goos stomachs will fail to care.

My Guinea Pigs loved this!

I attached the log to my guinea pigs cage as soon as it arrived and immediately they started sniffing it and nibbling at it. It was gone within a couple of days so they obviously enjoyed it. I would recommend it as a nice little treat.

Gobbled up!

What a great idea! This product hooks over the run or hutch bars, ready for your buns to feast on. Within a few minutes my two greedy bunnies had this down on the floor and taken off into the bushes and nibbled until the entire lot was demolished!! A great treat and something a bit different but it doesn't last long!!


My bunny was given one of these as a present and she LOVED it! It hooked onto the side of the bunny house and she nibbled away at it very happily. Great product!

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