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Catnip Cat Toys

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Catnip cat toys offer that special something to keep your cat interested! Look for premium catnip toys here filled with Canadian catnip!
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43% off Cat Toy Egypt Mouse ratings (11 Reviews)
Cat Toy Egypt Mouse  
Toy mice with catnip inside made of scratch-proof material.
Extra long tails with pompoms at their ends.
- 2 pieces Was  €3.49
Now  €1.99
( €1.00 / piece)

50% off Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip ratings (16 Reviews)
Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip  
Sweet, grey plush Trixie toy mouse with extra long tail and catnip  
- 7 cm Was  €3.99
Now  €1.99
Catnip Ball Toys: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Trixie Pompom Balls with Catnip ratings (19 Reviews)
Trixie Pompom Balls with Catnip  
Attractive, colourful plush Trixie pompom balls with catnip. Ball diameter: 4 cm (colour may differ from displayed photo on delivery)  
- multi-coloured Was  €1.99
Now  €1.69
Sisal Ball with Rattle and Feathers ratings (5 Reviews)
Sisal Ball with Rattle and Feathers  
2 play balls, 6 cm each.  
- 2 balls Was  €2.99
Now  €1.99
( €1.00 / piece)

Natural Catnip Ball More photos (3) Natural Catnip Ball  
A cat ball made of 100% catnip, with the intense, stimulating scent of natural catnip, for hours of natural fun. Diameter approx. 4.5cm  
- 1 Ball RRP*  €3.99
Our Price  €2.99
( €2.99 / piece)

- 3 Balls individually priced €8.97
now €4.99
( €1.66 / piece)

Interactive Cat Toys: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Kong Kickeroo Kitten More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Kong Kickeroo Kitten  
The Kong Top Seller now also available for kittens: robust toy with plush tail and catnip, satisfies all your kitty's hunting urges.  
- approx. 13 cm Was  €3.99
Now  €2.99
KONG Cat Wobbler Snackball More photos (3) ratings (3 Reviews)
KONG Cat Wobbler Snackball  
A great snack toy – fill with tasty treats or dry food to keep your cat amused for hours. It has a furry tail with enticing catnip as an added attraction. Suitable for larger cats. Made in USA.  
- L 23 x diameter 11 cm Was  €24.90
Now  €17.90
Catit Design Senses Massage Centre More photos (5) ratings (7 Reviews)
Catit Design Senses Massage Centre  
Innovative cat toy with stimulates your cat's senses, with catnip for special and intense moments of play  
- 1 item Was  €27.90
Now  €14.90
Mice Cat Toys: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Faux Leather Mice with Catnip ratings (14 Reviews)
Faux Leather Mice with Catnip  
Toy mice made of artificial leather.  
- 4-pack €3.99
( €1.00 / piece)

Pompom Mouse cat toy ratings (1 Review)
Pompom Mouse cat toy  
Adorable little pompom mice filled with enticing catnip. Made from wool, with a little bell at the end of the tail and felt eyes, ears and nose. Available as a pack of 4.  
- 4 toy mice Was  €4.49
Now  €2.79
( €0.70 / piece)

Only available while supplies last!
Mouse and Ball Set More photos (5) Mouse and Ball Set  
Set of 3 toys, with 2 rattle balls and a cute grey mouse. Especially lightweight – ideal for kittens.  
- 3 toys RRP*  €4.99
Our Price  €2.99
( €1.00 / piece)

Natural Catnip Mice More photos (6) Natural Catnip Mice  
Stimulating natural toy mice made of concentrated catnip in a practical 2-pack. 100% natural, 100% fun! Size approx. 5.5cm  
- 2 Mice RRP*  €4.49
Our Price  €1.99
( €1.00 / piece)

Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip More photos (2) ratings (2 Reviews)
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip  
An exciting toy mouse made of grey plush with red felt ears, eyes and tail. Microchip technology gives this mouse a realistic squeak! With catnip.  
- 1 Mouse RRP*  €3.99
Our Price  €2.49
- 3 Mice individually priced €7.47
now €4.99
( €1.66 / piece)

Woolly Mouse Cat Toy More photos (4) Woolly Mouse Cat Toy  
An adorable little knitted mouse with a long feather tail. Perfect to hunt, chase after, play with or just cuddle up to. Soft and cuddly, this sweet toy is filled with catnip. Dimensions approx. 6cm  
- 1 mouse RRP*  €1.99
Our Price  €1.29
( €1.29 / piece)

Catnip Animal & other shapes: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Catnip Veggies More photos (4) Catnip Veggies  
A cute little beetroot and cheeky leek, with embroidered faces and soft plush material. Filled with 100% Canadian catnip and rustle foil.  
- 2 toys RRP*  €6.99
Our Price  €4.49
Natural Cat Tree Toys More photos (8) Natural Cat Tree Toys  
Natural Cat Tree Toys in two designs: Mouse and Fish. Toy on a string for attaching to a cat tree, chair or door, with catnip.  
- fish: 119 cm Was  €12.90
Now  €5.99
Trixie Catnip Mole with Squeaker ratings (10 Reviews)
Trixie Catnip Mole with Squeaker  
A cute, soft little mole, made from plush. Filled with catnip, it squeaks when moved. Size apprx. 7 cm  
- 1 item Was  €5.49
Now  €3.99
Catnip Powder & Sprays for cats: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix ratings (4 Reviews)
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix  
Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour.  
- 20g Was  €1.99
Now  €1.29
Versele-Laga Cat Attract Catnip Spray ratings (5 Reviews)
Versele-Laga Cat Attract Catnip Spray  
Catnip Spray teaches your cat to play where YOU want  
- 200 ml Was  €7.99
Now  €5.99
( €3.00 / 100ml)

Trixie Catnip Spray Trixie Catnip Spray New  
Exciting spray for cats made from natural catnip extract, stimulates the nervous system for hours of fun. Focuses cats on the sprayed areas, and away from furniture!  
- 175ml Was  €4.99
Now  €3.39
( €1.94 / 100ml)

Catnip Cat Toys: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Trixie Catnip Cushion Toy Trixie Catnip Cushion Toy  
A crazy little cushion with funny animals on it and 4 colourful tapes. Well-made, with an integrated, hidden rattle and filled with catnip.  
- 7 x 7 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H) Was  €3.49
Now  €2.49
Rustle Cushion XL with Feathers More photos (5) Rustle Cushion XL with Feathers  
Extra large, fluffy cushion with rustle foil and catnip inside. With fun feathers and faux mink fur, ideal for larger cats.  
- 1 toy RRP*  €3.99
Our Price  €1.99
Cat Toy Heavenly Scent ratings (1 Review)
Cat Toy Heavenly Scent  
Pure wellness for cats! Pretty linen bag for filling with one of three scents - valerian, catnip or honeysuckle, just as the mood takes you...  
- 1 mouse bag with 3 scented inserts Was  €7.99
Now  €2.99
As a Supplement: Price € (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Catit Play-n-Scratch Cat Toy More photos (2) ratings (37 Reviews)
Catit Play-n-Scratch Cat Toy  
The Catit Play-n-Scratch Cat Toy is an irresistible cat toy with scratching mat, ball, springy cat toy, and catnip.  
- misty blue Was  €19.90
Now  €9.99
- replacement inlay Was  €8.49
Now  €3.99
Beaphar Catnip-Bits More photos (4) ratings (1 Review)
Beaphar Catnip-Bits  
Beaphar Catnip-Bits with original Beaphar catnip paste, a crunchy, yummy treat with premium catnip - in a resealable pouch.  
- 150g €3.19
( €2.13 / 100g)

- Saver Pack: 3 x 150g individually priced €9.57
now €8.79
( €1.95 / 100g)


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