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Terms & Conditions >Rewards Programme

Collect loyalty points with each purchase

  • Points credited after order is paid
  • Start redeeming rewards on your 2nd order

Terms and conditions

The zooplus Loyalty Programme is our way of thanking you for your loyalty as a zooplus customer. The following terms and conditions apply for the general structure and rules of the zooplus Loyalty Programme including collecting loyalty points and redeeming them for Rewards.

1. Participation
All customers are qualified to participate.
2. Loyalty Points
2.1 General
The calculations for the zooplus Rewards Programme are based on Loyalty Points, which are posted to a customer’s zooplus account. The Loyalty Points can only be used for the purposes described in these terms and conditions. Loyalty points from other rewards programmes (ex: from other companies) cannot be converted to Loyalty Points. zooplus Rewards Accounts, and credit for Loyalty Points are non-transferable and have no cash value. The current balance of a customer’s zooplus account is available at the zooplus website under “my zooplus” and can be viewed by that customer at any time.
2.2 Earning Loyalty Points
The acquisition of Loyalty Points takes place automatically with every order starting on July 10, 2007, as soon as the payment for the order is booked in the zooplus system. For every fully-paid order at zooplus, the customer’s zooplus account will be credited with Loyalty Points. For every pound of the order value, the customer will receive 1 Loyalty Points.. For certain special offers, customers can earn additional Loyalty Points, in amounts described in the zooplus website.
2.3 Exclusion from Loyalty Points Credit
A Loyalty Points credit cannot be earned for products with a selling price of €0 (ex: trial packages, zooplus Rewards, free gifts), redeemed coupons and other discounts, or rebates or re-deliveries. In other specific cases, a Loyalty Points credit may also not be possible.
2.4 Loyalty Points Credit Procedures
Loyalty Points are automatically credited to a customer’s zooplus account when the customer’s order has been paid in full, and the payment has been completely booked in zooplus’ system. The credit is awarded to the customer account over which the order was placed. If a customer orders via multiple customer accounts, the Loyalty Points will be credited to these individual accounts respective to the orders. It is not possible to transfer Loyalty Points from one customer account to another.
2.5 Expiration of Loyalty Points
If Loyalty Points are not redeemed for a Reward within 12 months from the time they were credited to your account, they will expire at the end of the quarter. The date and amount of the expiration will be clearly indicated in your zooplus account. Loyalty Points will also expire if the customer account is blocked on legitimate grounds.
3. Redeeming Loyalty Points for Rewards
3.1 General
Every participant can redeem his or her Loyalty Points for reward items as soon as he or she has earned an adequate credit. Rewards items and the Loyalty Points credits necessary to acquire them will be displayed in the account at zooplus.
3.2 Conditions for Redeeming Loyalty Points
The rewards items can only be redeemed via the customer’s personal Rewards Account at my zooplus. The availability of the rewards may vary by date and season, and specific rewards may not be available at certain times. For particular rewards, the terms and conditions may be modified; however, modifications or amendments will be disclosed.
3.3 Dispatch of Rewards
The cost of shipping for rewards items is based on the current shipping costs at zooplus. Please click here to learn more about the cost of shipping at zooplus. The zooplus reward item can be added to the shopping basket by clicking on the shopping basket symbol. The customer can then add regular products to the order at their regular prices.

In the case that a zooplus rewards item is damaged or incorrect when the customer receives it, he or she is kindly requested to contact our customer service department via our contact form, or per telephone Mo-Fr 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sa 8 a.m to 2 p.m. at the following number: +44 1234 430366
4. Miscellaneous
4.1 Programme Termination
zooplus reserves the right to end the zooplus Loyalty Programme at any time or to replace it with another programme.
4.2 Changes
zooplus reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions, rewards items, or other written participation conditions and explanations at any time. Changes or amendments of these terms and conditions will be notified via publication on this website.