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Tetra Water Care

Here you'll find a wide selection of Tetra water care products. Tetra water products include; water testers, water conditioners, and cleaning equipment. Whether you want to clean your aquarium glass, purify aquarium water, or prepare your aquarium it doesn't matter because all of these can be accomplished by using Tetra water care products.
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Water Conditioners:

Water treatment liquid - makes hard tap water safe for aquarium use. Suitable for tank top-ups, transporting fish and quarantine treatment.

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3 Varieties from €5.99
Was €6.99 Now €5.99 €2.40 / 100ml
Was €9.49 Now €7.99 €15.98 / l
Was €39.99 Now €32.99 €6.60 / l

Water preparation for stocking fish into your aquarium.

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1 Varieties from €7.49
100 ml
Was €9.49 Now €7.49 €7.49 / 100ml

Long-Lasting Care:

Long-lasting formula for biologically sound water - up to 6 months per treatment. Reduces the need for water changes

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1 Varieties from €9.99
Was €11.99 Now €9.99 €19.98 / l


These 6 in 1 strips from Tetra are the fast and easy way to determine water quality. You can test the 6 most important values: general and carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate, pH value and chlorine.

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2 Varieties from €10.49
25 Test Strips
Was €12.49 Now €10.49
Saver Pack: 2 x 25 Test Strips
individually priced €20.98 Now €19.99


The Tetra GC Comfort Floor Cleaner stands out because it is so easy to operate. For all aquariums from 20-400 L.

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1 Varieties from €10.49
GC 40, for 50-200 litre aquariums
Was €12.49 Now €10.49

To clean aquarium glass on the inside. With replacement blades.

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1 Varieties from €10.99
Complete Set
Sold out.
Was €12.99 Now €10.99
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