Felix Cat Food

Balanced meals for your little rascal!

Felix cat food offers your cat a wide variety of flavours and great value-priced quality. The Felix assortments include sauces or jellies making them especially succulent! Felix cat food cares for the health and well-being of your cat, also strengthening his/her vitality and improving your pets overall happiness!

Felix Cat Food

Balanced meals for your little rascal!

There is a Felix cat food product to suit every cat here at zooplus. Felix cat food offers a great range of flavours and food styles, with wet foods in smooth sauces and juicy jellies to provide added irresistible flavour! Felix has been carefully formulated to care for your cat’s overall health and vitality, as well as providing all the nutrients needed for a happy and active lifestyle. Your cat will love the selection of meat, fish and vegetable dishes offered by Felix cat food and will struggle to choose its favourite from the great range of variety that has started to enter its food bowl. Never again will your cat become bored with its food now that you have discovered Felix!
It is not only in flavour that Felix cat food offers a wide variety. There are also plenty of dishes specifically tailored to your cat’s individual needs. Indoor cats, for example, require a different diet from that of cats that spend their days roaming around outdoors, which is why Felix has developed a specific indoor kibble, with adjusted nutritional profile so that your cat is still fully nourished without the risk of weight gain. There are also specially energy-rich products to help kittens grow and develop, as well as dishes that keep your cat in good health even in its advanced years. No matter what your cat’s needs, Felix cat food has something to offer!

Explore the full range of Felix pouches, trays, tins, dry food and treats:

  • Felix Dry Cat Food: This broad selection of crunchy kibble is ideal for providing your cat with all the nutrients it needs for a healthy, happy and fulfilled feline life. It has been specially formulated to help strengthen teeth and massage gums, all contained in tasty recipes that will have your cat licking its whiskers and coming back for more! There are meat, fish and poultry varieties of this Felix dry cat food and even specialist diets for indoor cats. For added variety and excitement, choose from the Felix Crunchy & Soft varieties - crispy croquettes and soft tender chunks combined in one delicious dish!
  • Felix As Good As It Looks: These delicious Felix wet food pouches contain tender, chunky pieces of meat, fish and vegetables combined to look, smell and taste homemade - as the name suggests, it really is as good as it looks! Only the finest nutritious ingredients are used, encased in delicious jelly for full, irresistible flavour. There is even a specific Felix Kitten - As Good As It Looks, so that your kitten can get used to luxury from the off!
  • Felix Chunks in Jelly or Gravy: This great-value wet cat food from Felix is made with tasty chunks of meat in a juicy jelly or a delicious sauce. Felix Chunks in Jelly and Felix Chunks in Gravy are both irresistible to all cats that love plenty of flavour!
  • Felix Sensations: As the name suggests, this range of Felix cat food is all about bringing a taste sensation to your cat’s food bowl! Choose from Crunchy Crumbles, Sauce Surprise and Extras for little surprises to treat your cat with!
  • Felix Cat Treats: Felix provides an excellent selection of cat treats, boasting irresistible textures and tasty flavours. Felix cat snacks are a great way to treat your cat between meals.
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