21/12/18 | Jen
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Kitten loves it!

My kitten loves this! He chooses not to eat very much dry food so I was looking for a good quality wet food to ensure he is getting the nutrition he needs. He loves Bozita kitten! He prefers a pate texture so I mash it with a fork. I've tried him on a few other wet foods but this one is easily the best.
17/09/18 | Heather B
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Star Food in an industry of bad food

I rate this as food..High protein. Bozita in general seem to actually care far more... Used CARNY for a while but kitties enjoy both but don't like seeing the valves in the CARNY. Wanted higher quality & that's what I got... NICE ONE BOZITA. Asked customer service to get it to u ASAP after ordering.... Very good help there too.
21/05/18 | S. Harkness
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My kitten loves it!

I have tried my kitten (now 8 months old) on many different types of wet food as she isn't keen on a totally dry food diet, but this is the only complete kitten food that she loves. I have done a load of research into the quality of most kitten and cat foods and generally they are of a dismal quality! I have tried her on some of the more expensive/higher meat content foods and they are too rich! The meat/jelly ratio seems perfect here, so I will keep using Purizon as a dry food alongside this.
15/03/18 | Mamie
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Good Quality Food

Read some reviews for higher quality kitten food, and Bozita fit the bill. Tried with my 8 month old kitten, and he loves it. As for some of the other more negative reviews about the jelly, I mix my wet food with dry and have not experienced any problems.
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Excellent food but get the right one for your cat!

My two cats adored this at first - I tried them on the diet & stomach sensitive and it was a great success, even with the fussy one. I tried the salmon sensitive next and that was great too. Then I tried the sterilized chicken one and they wouldn't touch it! A variety pack of the regular was next, although I found them too big and they were OK but then they went off it a bit and now seem to be back on the first one - so I'm sticking to that!
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Miss I

May kitten loves it
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Kittens love it

I have tried my two kittens on a few different high meat content wet foods and this is the one they liked the most, it gets gobbled up straight away, whereas others they weren't so bothered by. It doesn't look or smell great to us humans, but it's definitely a winner with my kittens.
12/07/17 | Samantha
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I was recommended this food on petforums.co.uk and chose this specific one for a Ragdoll with a VERY sensitive tummy (non stop with "the runs" for months now) Fisty can't get enough of it!!! He had been on Gourmet Gold pate (vet recommend a plain chicken pate type food b/c of his tummy) and whilst he did eat it eventually he would leave it for hours before eating a little at a time. He eats this as soon as it given and eats it all in 1go! you know when it's food time by his excited Ragdoll yowl
30/03/17 | Vara Raleigh
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I've created monsters

My (3) cats have never been picky, always eaten whatever I offered. Decided to try out some new options... Day 1, I fed Applaws to a ho-hum response. Day 2, I fed James Wellbeloved to another ho-hum response. Day 3, I fed Bozita... you would think the sky opened and angels sang! Tried Applaws again, and they looked at me like, "This is a joke, right? That's not food." Won't touch it. They'll still lick the sauce off Wellbeloved, but they won't eat it, either. Now, it's Bozita or bust!
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very good

Doesn't smell as nice as whiskas or the other shelf kitten food but you can tell it is better quality its smells like chicken would rather than way over the top, did you know they make whiskas smell to appeal to human and it smells horrible. this smells like lightly seasoned chicken and you have to be close to smell even that high quality and my kitten loves it just search up about bozita
11/01/17 | Linzi
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My kitten adores this food

We have a 16 week old kitten who has been extremely fussy with her food. I have tried her on Animonda Carny, Granatapet, Natures Menu and Grau. These were recommended as a more high quality food but our kitten wouldn't touch them. Bozita on the other hand, she can't get enough of! The previous foods are more of a pate texture, however Bozita is chunks in jelly - much more palatable! Only shame is that they don't have any more flavours in the kitten brand.
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I can't believe how much my Bengal kitten loves this food, he even cries for it when it is being put out for him, I have never seen him eat as well. I can't wait to try the one plus variety pack which is sold out at the moment as he will be one soon.
26/05/16 | Thenupink
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So far so good!

I wanted to feed my kittens better quality food but unfortunately it's difficult to find that at an affordable price. Bozita seems to fit the bill so I'm trying it out and so far my kittens have gone crazy for it - to be fair they go crazy for the cheap food too. One of them had some tummy troubles with changing foods a lot (rescue kittens) but changing to this food has not upset his tummy which is great. Will definitely buy again.
13/09/15 | maya
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Excellent Kitten Loves It!

Our kittens are extremely fussy. Tried all types of food Grau, Mac's, etc. This is one of the few products they love to eat with very little waste.
04/08/15 | P's
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so tasty

My new BSH kitten really likes this. He chooses this over Felix which he had been eating at the breeder's before moving into mine only a couple of days ago. Now he is trained to come when I call his name using this food! Although this food does not have analytical constituents information on Zooplus which I find bizarre. Please add it on!
03/05/15 | Lisa
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High quality

I bought for my ageing cat who I have tried to get onto wet food as he had gum issues. He liked the first mouthful then turned his nose up. Prefers biscuits (swallowed whole!). I've donated the rest to my neighbours cats and they absolutely love it, so for cats who normally have wet food it looks like a hit :)
06/04/15 | Lucky
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Ignore the previous Numpty.

Please ignore the negative comments below on Bozita not having a high meat content and only slightly better than Felix...what a joke!! The 93% meat per chunk is actual proper muscle meat! The jelly quantity is about 20% of the whole product. Substantially a much higher quality. How someone can say its slightly better than Felix clearly can not understand ingredient labels and lives on another planet. Each chunk of felix has only 4% meat if that and the rest is made of animal derivatives e.g bums, lips, beaks, feet and crushed bones!!! Plus the sugars and protien provided by vegetables and not meat. Last time I checked cats were carnivores. Bozita is a top quality high meat content food. Cats eat slightly less as they fill up quicker on proper meat so its more economical in the long run too. I highly recommend this product.
10/01/15 | Angela King
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Easily tolerated

I foster cats for a charity and have found this cat food to be very good for sensitive cats. My most recent foster was a stray (very undernourished) and he tolerated this food very well. I tried him on a supermarket pet food and he could not keep it down. This food seems to taste nice, too, as there is no second thoughts about eating it, which is a very good sign! Highly recommended by my cats!!
25/11/14 | Smiller
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3 month old Kittens love this

After trying out some other wet food we tried this and our Kittens love it and always want more. Will stick with this now as its very high in protein and kittens are growing well.
23/07/14 | Katy
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Brilliant food, 14 week old kitten loved it

I bought this food to add variety as my kitten was just eating Animonda Carny, my kitten loves it as she loves chicken. It is meat chunks in jelly, and with a high percentage of meat I feel like I am giving my kitten an excellent quality food. Highly recommend it.