02/16/16 | mogsworth

All gone! Yum yum...

My nfc has a sensitive tum, have tried him on more expensive brands which he ate without any problems, then a friend recommend i try this. As its poultry and gravy, it suits his digestion, and he loves it, and i love it as its such great value!

04/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top class

Our cat loves the ones with sauce. She doesn't like the jelly ones at all but she clears her dish when it is the sauce one. She's 8 years old and looks really good which i think is because of the food. I would recommend this for older cats. She likes Whiskas and Felix but doesn't like any of the others.

01/27/13 | originally published in zooplus.de


My ragdoll Mr Washington is nearly 9 years old and love this food. I've tried everything. Beforehand he had chronic dioarrhea now that has gone and he has beautiful shiny fur. I didn't used to think that Whiskas is any good but I have changed my opinion. It is perfect for older cats.

10/04/10 | originally published in zooplus.de

whiskas senior

My 12-year-old cat doesn't want to eat anything else now. That speaks for itself. :-)

01/11/10 | originally published in zooplus.de

Whiskas Senior Pouches

My 14-year-old cat loves eating this food. I think it's great that there's specific food for older cats.

11/03/08 | Emilia

Not recommended.

I wouldn't recommend this brand at all! Of course your cats would like it but it doesn't mean that they're making good choice, because it is not a healthy option. It's like McDonalds. Check ingredients of Whiskas pouches and other brands and compare (especially take a moment to check the meat content). I am sure that it will make you consider buying something else.


Senior food is well accepted

My 17-year-old Persian cross became very fussy so I tried out loads of different cat foods. She loves the sauce and the small pieces (because of her teeth). She always empties her bowl. What's the point of buying expensive organic food if it just gets thrown away!

07/24/07 | originally published in zooplus.de


It's alright as a bit of a change and our cats like the taste.

08/16/06 | originally published in zooplus.de

Senior: perfect alongside other food

My cat is probably over 10 years old now and is slightly allergic to certain foods. We tried all sorts of wet foods, from Aldi to IAMS, and embarrassingly ended up on Whiskas. For a start, the quantity is perfect. My cat gets a pouch of wet food a day, split over two meals because she wouldn't eat more in one go (the rest of her diet is premium dry food). Canned food dries out too quickly in such small portions, so we have to go for pouches. And my cat loves gravy so Almo Jelly Pouches are unfortunately out. All the other cat food with gravy that I've seen in pouches contains sugar. Whiskas Senior is the only one that doesn't (to my knowledge). To be honest, I find the 4% meat content a bit disgusting because I like to know what type of meat the food contains and be sure that something else hasn't ended up in there. But as long as there's no sugar in it, I can look past that. :-) And because my cat likes Whiskas more than anything else (IAMS is yuck, jelly is gross and everything else is just average... but in comparison Whiskas is pure gold in pouches), I'll let her have what she wants. Anyway, food should always be tasty, even for cats (and I don't always eat premium food either, if I think about our canteen... ;-) )

01/25/06 | John Klejna

No Waste, All Taste

Pouches are by far the best way to feed your cat. There is no waste and of all pouches currently available, Whiskas is the preferred choice for my three cats. With tins, there is always some left over having been in the tin for that much longer. Overall I would say pouches have to be more economical in terms of no waste and all the taste.