Cat loves this

Cat loves this bed so much we bought another one for a different room. Think it's the combination of the height of it, the spherical den keeping the heat in yet still being wide enough for the cat to keep a good view out and the kneadable comfy cushion which made the cat love it. I did think it the radiator behind it over the winter helped but we've moved it since and he still loves it.



Love this and so do my two cats. Needed a cat basket/bed that was off the floor and this is perfect. Very stylish. Well worth the money.

08/03/15 | aimee

gorgeous product

a really lovely looking cat bed that the cats love, we have it in the porch and on sunny days they love it. its really well made, looks fab, and gets a good bit of use. i would really recommend it!

06/26/13 | Nichola

Cat den

My cat loves this instantly as soon as I took it out the box ....he climbed in!! I was worried he wouldn't use it, as he usually sleeps on our bed but now he prefers this! Great quality too

09/06/12 | Charlie's 'Mum'


Bought this for my new rescued Birman Charlie. A complete indulgence, but it is so smart! Looks good, especially with him in it, is well made and the cushion is very soft. He is certainly not complaining and is very happy.

06/07/12 | TillyMint

Worth every penny

First of all - I have the kind of cat that hates anything that is made for cats!! She is 17 yrs old now and knows what she likes!! Always one to prefer my bed to sleep in than a cat bed... a shoe lace to play with rather than any cat toy, so I kind of went out on a limb buying this - especially as it's not that cheap! Just like a few of the other customers stated, it also took my cat a few weeks (maybe even a couple of months) to get used to this! I think at first she wasn't sure about the cushion, so I put a cushion in there she did like, but I also got her used to the cushion by leaving it infront of the fire (her favourite place) until she loved the cushion... then I put the cushion back in and slowly but surely she went in and stayed in... now she looks so happy and comfy in there I wish I had one of my own!!!! I am sooo happy I bought this - and it makes me smile every time I see her in there! .... I'm still waiting for her to choose this bed over mine though.... I've not managed to persuade her to sleep on her own at night yet! Still working on it!!

01/10/12 | Raven

My cat LOVES this bed

I purchased this bed for my siamese cat as she had got into a bad habit of sleeping in my bed. When it arrived she ignored it for at least 2 months and one day on my return from shopping to my surprise she was asleep in it Since then she is never out of it and loves it Best bed i ever purchased and looks amazing 100 percent satisfaction and highly recommended

11/21/11 | Aline Erhorn

This is a fantastic product.

When I first saw the sleeping den I thought it was marvellous. My young Rag Doll Cat wouldn't entertain it. Like another purchaser, I replaced the cushion with his own bedding i.e. a large towel and candlewick bath mat. Since then He thinks he's died and gone to heaven!! I can recommend this item to any prospective purchaser. Aline

09/25/11 | Catherine

My cats love it...

My cats wouldnt sleep in it for weeks, so I put an old towel in it and now theyre fighting over it, I might have to buy another one ! Its also kept them off my bed :)

09/14/10 | John Davies


I used my ever -accumulating zooplus points to offer a cozy niche to my two critters only for it to be completely and brutally ignored! The cats much prefer snoozing on my bed or on the sofa.... The upside, at least I didn't pay for it! Now I'm stuck with this wicker igloo! Still, as far as cat beds go, it's one of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market - I suppose it all depends on the individual fussiness of the moggie in question. As I write, the cats are having way more fun in the box it was delivered in!!


Looks great

The perfect addition to any lounge, conservatory, kitchen/diner!! Looks as good as the picture and I'm sure my kitten will love it! All I need now is the cat :-) plus fast delivery - I am really impressed.

03/31/09 | Yvonne Olds

cat bed

We have 5 cats and they all want to get in this bed,so much that they even hiss at each other! Quite pricey, but well made an looks good.


Wow what a lovely cat bed!!!

just like to say that i received this bed this morning for my cat as soon as i opened it up she got straight into the bed and has not moved from it all day! wow she loves it, very stylish which will look great in any modern environment, am so pleased with it, quite pricey but cheaper than in my local pet store, might buy another for my sisters cat for Christmas, recommend 100%

12/09/08 | Jon

Looks great, but my cats hate it

This cat basket looks fantastic, but my cats won't go near it. One of them wee'd on the cushion on the first night (which I then threw away and replaced with their regular bed) but they won't go into it. I don't know if it's because it's not very stable or if they don't like the smell It's a shame, because it really is a well made product.

10/02/08 | Liz


Yes, this is expensive, but worth every penny in terms of looks and practicality. I have 3 cats. one is a Bengal boy, very big and heavy. He loves sleeping in the den whilst the 2 girls love standing on top. It looks great and fits into a modern décor extremely well.

08/10/08 | Ann Baxter

A really stylish piece of furniture

My 2 young cats, a brother and sister love to snuggle up together in this. It is also a very stylish piece of furniture which doesn't look out of place in your living room, and as it is scratch proof stays looking good without bits hanging off it. I am so pleased with it I have just purchased a banana leaf sofa for my old lady cat who cannot jump up into this.

07/25/08 | Madeleine

Excellent and very Beautiful

My two kittens sleep in this and love to play on it. Bo will sit on the top and peep over the edge at her brother, Indy. They also use it as a scratching post. Good job it is scratch resistant! I have had it for a month now and it still looks new inspite of the daily scratching. This banana-leaf furniture is an excellent idea as it is visually very pleasing and blends in anywhere in the house. It is a very beautiful cat bed and worth every penny.

07/18/08 | Eunice Farrell


My 2 new kitten just love this bed, it is very well made, and looks so cosy inside. They took to it straight away, and it also looks great in my dining room as is like a piece of furniture. It was delivered in 5 days by GLS, and was in great condition even though the outer box was badly bashed and covered in what looked like grease/oil.

06/04/08 | Iris Lawrie


This is worth every penny,very pleased. Excellent quality as usual.


Expensive, but worth every penny!

Yes, this is expensive, but worth every penny in terms of looks and practicality. I have 2 british blues, the female loves sleeping in the den whilst the male loves standing on top of it. It looks great and fits into a modern decor extremely well.

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