07/04/21 | René B. Johannesson

Hopeless programming

It is not possible to adjust the clock when it has been set once. Full reset doesn't even allow this

Hard to program, loud and barfly lasted two years

Was fine while it worked and while a bit noisy and a pain to program it had many options. Stopped turning beyond a certain point after under two years and even du assembling and cleaning did not fix it.

Problem with the turning mechanism

This worked well for a month or so but then the turning mechanism started to get caught. I can't rely on it to feed my cats - so unfortunately have to dump it - they're not cheap, so a bit gutted.
05/11/16 | Sharon McMillan

Great feeder

I recently purchased 2 of these to replace 2 older TX4 feeders I have been using, these are great as one of my cats is diabetic so I need to make sure he is fed small meals regularly, so its a relief knowing he is fed while we are at work. The design is very good and the buttons are safe under the little lid, the only small negative is the old feeder had room for a small ice pack and the new one does not, but overall very pleased with the feeder

Trixie Burglar

I bought the TX6 as a bit of a punt as there were no reviews about it anywhere I could find. It's a heavy duty bit of kit and you can tell it is of decent quality straight out of the box. There are 6 compartments for food, all a very generous size even for a hungry cat. The programme is very easy to operate and work out without the need for instructions. Remember to buy 4 Size C batteries as they're not included. When all slots have been opened for the cat a red Led flashes and the display shows that 6 slots have been fed so it's pretty easy to know when it's time to refill. My only 2 minor gripes are: 1) The buzzer that sounds is a tad loud if it goes off when you're asleep and reminds me of the hideous default alarm tone on those digital alarm clocks you can get. A volume control dial might be a good idea as well as a tone selector like you can get on a doorbell. 2) The cover that shuts over the first section of food is easily removed by an inquisitive cat. I watched him push the top control unit anticlockwise with his nose removing the cover from the latch whilst at the same time pulling the cover towards him and revealing the treats within. To combat this I either hide the feeder until it's near his feeding time or just sacrifice one of the slots and leave it empty. I would suggest an improvement could be a more robust locking motor and latch to stop curious cats figuring out how to break in. Although it was amusing watching his mind work trying to find a way in. All in all it's a good product and reasonably priced, having used it I would still buy it again over any of the other products out there I researched previously.

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