Just what she needed!

It's only been day 1, since the toy arrived. Already my cat attacked the toy, wrestled with it, groomed it, wrestled again. She needed a toy that could handle her kicking back legs. This was perfect for that. Thanks guys!
03/15/21 | Colin

Crap cheap product

Very surprised for a kong toy..2 month old terrier puppy ripped it after 2 days
12/08/20 | Chris

Loved it, but fell apart almost instantly

Our cats adored this, but tore it to bits in less than 24 hours! I wasn't expecting it to last forever, but I expected it to last a little while.
10/09/20 | Jasmine


They are great quality, nice and soft and quite large so would be ideal for big cats. My kittens love playing with them and chasing the tails before catching and kicking. Highly recommend
09/11/20 | Carmel

Big hit

My two kittens absolutely love this! I went with the larger toy and I don’t regret it. They love it and feel very big and important when they carry it away. What’s great for me is that it doesn’t get lost under the couch!
06/15/20 | Labhaoise

Brilliant cat toy

I only bought 1 of these toys to try it out and now my cats are fighting over it. I will need to order more lol its a great toy and they both love it. I bought another mouse toy but they are only interested in this

My kitten loved it

My British shorthair kitten loves this toy. I bought the full sized one not the kitten one so he can use it when he’s older. He loves to kick it with his back feet.

Big hunter loved it!

He loved it so much, playing with it, kicking it, sleeping on it, that I gave to my mother-in-law for her cat. The downside? Catnip becomes old, and when it loses its scent, he loses interest, and these are not easily refillable because they are so sturdy. You know what else works? An old sock filled with catnip and tied at the top.
09/07/18 | Dawn

Good toy

We have a kitten kickeroo but now one of my boys is quite big I got him this one and it has gone down well and has been well and truely attacked 😸

Not that robust...

Rather than use the toy as it was meant to be used, e.g. by grabbing and kicking at it. One of my cats stands on it and rips it to pieces with her teeth. She loves it. but after about two weeks of this, eventually the material gives way and the stuffing comes out. No idea what it's made of though, bit worried that it could harm her. So... careful eyes kept on her and as soon as any hole is made, a new toy is purchased by her loyal cat slave.

Fun at first

Cats loved it, and then didn't care. Sigh! Good quality toy however, but it was only fun for a few minutes. Tried cat nip and that makes them go back to it but they always get bored.
12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Giraffe kickeroo

Nothing like a giraffe except the colour lol but my larger cats (have 4 ragdolls) just love how they can hold this and kick it to bit, huge success with all of them
08/31/17 | Flick

My Bengals Favourite Stress Reliever

Both of my Bengals, who don't tend to share toys at all, love this. They can each spend a solid 5 minutes attacking the hell out of it and the size is perfect for them to hold and kick with back legs. I tend to renew it every six months as they drag it around so much it gets grotty from the floor and they lose interest if things aren't shiny and new! Can go in the washing machine a few times though, and after I spray it with catnip spray ( bought on zooplus too) and it's good as new for them.
05/17/17 | Sheena

All 3 cats love this toy!

Highly recommended my cats went crazy for this toy, I will definitely be getting some spares for when they've 'killied' these! Washing them, kicking them, diving on them, the play is endless!
02/15/17 | Sylwia

The best cat toy!

Frank the cat absolutely loves his kickaroo! He plays with other toys if he is encouraged to do so, but kickaroo is the only toy he picks up and plays by himself. He loves kicking it, chewing on it and cuddling to it. I am so glaf my friend has recommended it to me before I fot Franm, it is a must have toy for every cat!
02/07/17 | Christine Gledhill

Kong Giraffe Kickeroo

We have 3 cats and they all adore their Kickeroo. So glad we purchased this toy.
02/05/17 | L rattue

Kong kickeroo giraffe

My cat Dory absolutely loves this, just what I was looking for!
02/02/17 | Lou wood

A real winner

My cat pulled this out of the box before I had chance. he loves it And it's quite a good size. I think this is great value for money , they hold it and kick it as it says plus it's fab for them to cuddle up to and sleep on In a word a great toy
08/21/16 | TD

Great for footpumping

Our cat plays with this almost everyday - good for a morning footpump.
07/29/16 | Hannah

Perfect for exercising different hunt/play instincts

I was looking for something for my two cats to direct their natural kicking and clawing instincts towards (that wasn't my hand!) and came across this. It's done the trick. Good size, seems pretty robust (a couple of weeks in) and provides some much needed variety from the hunt/find and chase toys. Suggestion for anyone whose cats lose interest: put it away for a while. Ours go through phases, so when they start getting bored of a toy, we hide it. When it comes back out, they love it again.

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