01/08/18 | Socio
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The Feringa Quality

One of the best brands out there for grain-free good quality cat food that’s not ridiculously priced. This particular flavour is great if your cat is allergic to poultry like mine. Also this 6,5 kg bag will last for months for an indoor cat. The bed is alright, although quite thin and can fit a cat up to 5 kg confortably.
08/12/17 | Lucky
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Went down well

This went down very well with my two cats. They ate this with gusto! Seems good food and they enjoyed the flavour.
12/05/17 | Lucy Beaghen
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Excellent grain free food

I have been using dry Feringa food a while now and my cats love it and prefer it to lots of other dry grain free foods. When I do see "the end product" (my cats are very discreet) it's all good! One cat is very sensitive and gets on very well with this. It's a good price too!