03/15/19 | Irene

Poor quality

I have this item approx. 4 months and the material used for baskets is falling apart. The wooden base couldve done with varnish as not finished off very well and is wobbly. Not worth the money. I have a banana leaf cat tree that has lasted 5 years.

01/16/18 | Alex

Big enough

I bought this cat tree for my nine-month-old kitten, he is quite big. My kitten sleeps very well, he has plenty space to move while he is asleep. The only aspect that disappoints is the fact that the material is made of (water-hyacinth) is not very resistant, is not £100 worth. When I was assembling the whole tree, the baskets' material was coming off very easily.

01/01/18 | Stephen

Great product!

After reading some of the more negative reviews, I was a little hesitant to by this. However, it’s actually a great cat tree! It’s very easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. I’d recommend leaning the taller of the post against a wall, as it does wobble slightly when the cats jump onto it. This is more to make the cats feel secure, rather than it posing any threat of collapse! The baskets are a good size too. However, the material does flake slightly when scratched.


Beautiful, Quality product

My cats love these baskets and the climbing tree and it is sturdy and beautiful in my living room. Very straightforward assembly for me. Well worth the extra money, instead of those wobbly ugly beige fleece ones we had previously. I have replaced the pillows, as one of my cats hates them - he prefers firm floors. As soon as I took them out, he sighed with relief and snuggled up in the top basket and went to sleep :)

12/03/16 | Debbie

Love it.

Fantastic product. Bought this tree to replace the cat tree we had in the conservatory but due to the style and quality of this product it has ended up staying in our living room. All the cats love it, even our ginger boy who doesn't usually sleep in cat beds has taken to sleeping in the bottom basket. Our Bengal has claimed the hooded basket and is regularly found either sleeping in or sat on top survey his kingdom. excellent value for money.

10/20/16 | Tracy Home

Maine Coons love it

Good looking, sturdy enough to handle a couple of pet elephants! Mine has been jumped on by two Maine Coons, weighing around 9kgs each now. It does wobble occasionally and needs a quick tighten up from time to time, but other than that it's a great cat tree. One of the nicest I have owned.

06/12/16 | Jane

Oriental cat proof

I have 5 oriental cats, 2 siamese, 2 bites and a tonk, they can destroy most things, and their last cat tree lasted less than 6 months, including getting replacement parts from the supplier. This one is great, they love it. They sleep in it, play with it, throw up on it and it still looks brilliant. We switched the covered basket and the deep basket round, just because we know they like to sit up high and look out.

04/14/16 | Dominika and Mojito

Absolutely fantastic!!!

The poshest cat tree I have ever had xxx


Fab cat tree

My three love it and often pinch each other's space while it's still warm!! Happy fur babies and happy me - looks great too


Super nice tree

Easy to assemble, fits my two fully grown Siamese cats (4-5kgs each) perfectly. Might not be for small kittens or huuuuge cats though..

09/02/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very stylish and stable

The cat tree is very stable, the screws are quite long so if you tighten them right up then everything holds together nicely. I was able to put it together myself . The wood looks very natural. I read in another review somewhere that the varnish was peeling off - but there is no varnish! The price is definitely justified - you'd struggle to find something like this in a shop for the same kind of money...I recommend this!

06/30/15 | Kirsty

Looks great...

Looks great, very rich in colour, has removable cushions for washing, had a number of scratching posts which are amazing (my cats have now stopped tairing up my furniture), very easy to assemble and well packaged packaged However, for the price I expected it to be a little bit sturdier, my cats aren't exactly slim so when they climb all over it it does tend to shake a little, nothing so bad its falling apart but it's noticeable. Also even though it does undeniably look good and expensive the wood used is certaintly not that, the woods quite cheap, which is probs why it's not as sturdy as it should be. But best thing about this product is that it's built for a fair sized cat, which is so hard to find as they're usually really small kitten sized cat trees.

02/19/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

An AMAZING cat tree!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, I bought this cat tree because it's made from real wood. It's very easy to put together, all the bits and bobs are included and the quality is impeccable!!!!!!! I'm really very pleased!!! And it looks great as well, a little bit rustic - very beautiful! I've put mine in the living room, overlooking the roof terrace...Just great!!! Can't fault it, highly recommended. I even uploaded one of my own photos!

02/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

A real eye catcher

High quality, beautiful cat tree that is loved by everyone in our house. Our 2 cats fell in love with it at first sight. Generous lying areas and really nice colour. Delivery quick as per with zooplus. No problem at all with the assembly, got it done in a few minutes. No unpleasant smell either, and as mentioned, very nicely finished. Really special design that we haven't seen before. Highly recommended as it is all quite economical in terms of space.

06/26/14 | Anne

Great looking cat tree

Over the years we have had many cat scratchers, activity centres etc. We were looking for something this time that would look good in the lounge, normal material covered trees look tatty after a while so the least covered area's the better but with multiple cats needed more than one bed, shelf etc. This does seem far superior than the fur covered trees which need constant brushing and hoovering, the removable cushion pads are good idea, they can be taken off and washed as necessary. Erection was simple, took 10 minutes maximum, don't even need instructions as there are only 6 bolts and no doubts as to where everything goes. The cats love it, the kittens climb right to the top and sit on top of the cave. It is a good size piece of furniture and looks great, wicker is closely threaded no loose bits. It is quite wide however, the cave and beds prevent it from going flat against the wall so sticks out a good way,if your tight on space this would probably be too big. I'm Impressed, Love it!

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