01/18/22 | Louise

Cats love this tree

Easy to assemble and the cats seems to love it especially being up the very top. It seems very sturdy, even without putting on the bit that touches the ceiling.
02/18/21 | Wendy

Cats love this!

This is a very high quality tree with loads of room for our four cats. They love it!
01/10/21 | Monika


Its very sturdy, very heavy when put together, takes A LOT OF SPACE so if you have limited space make sure you measure because its much bigger that it looks like, the only complaint i have is with the instructions its not really clear or anything is marked so it takes a bit of time to figure it out, also the materials are not the best, wood is plane it doesn’t have a nice finish its only smoothened down but could be done better for the price, the fabric could be thicker too
02/05/20 | Steen


This cat tree will cost you a bit extra, but receiving it, you will appreciate what you get. All the soft parts can be unmounted and washed, and the tree itself is very sturdy. Highly recommended.


This Cat Tree is really huge and you kind of don't know it until you assemble it but for my norwegian forest cat who loves hights it's perfect. If would be nice to have a more detailed assembly sheet or at least put on letters on the stumps because it can get frustrating when you put the wrong one at the wrong place
12/29/18 | Harvey

Fantastic Quality

Very happy with the tree, cats are also very happy. All ledges and beds are used, including the hammock which surprised me hugely.
01/17/18 | Becca

It’s amazing

This tree is very easy to put together and due to the way it goes together allows you some leeway to adjust it to fit the space you have available.
12/28/17 | J. McDonald

Best thing we ever bought for the cats!

We have now had this for over a year. Our two Norwegian Forest Cats LOVE this and probably spend half their time in one of the top beds. They love to climb up to the top. It also, whilst big, looks like a lovely piece of furniture. It is sturdy and easy to put together. In fact, the cats helped me build it by trying to play with every post and bed I added in turn! Best thing we ever bought them and worth every penny.
10/03/17 | Anna Jacob


I started building this and left the boxes on the ground for the cats to play in the way they have with the last two cat trees I built - the minute I screwed in the giant sisal posts on the bottom my cats ran to it and climbed up it like a pole. They sat in each new addition I screwed in, and when I finished they ran up the longest sisal pole like it was a tree. They adore this tree. It's extremely sturdy and so well made - everything is detachable and can be cleaned easily.
12/15/16 | Colin Hughes


We/our cats love this, can I make a suggestion you label all the tubes, it would make it so much easier to assemble. Item was purchased by my partner but I had to put it together.
07/11/16 | Marie

The Best Cat Tree

I#ve had other cat trees but none of them where this well designed, easy to assemble and sturdy made. I dont see how this tree wouldnt last at least 10 years. Even if at some point the sisal would waer you could just replace it. It is also amazing that all the covers are washable. The main thing though, is that this tree even withstands a 7kg Maincoon. The posts are 15cm in diameter and give the tree great stability. Overall, an amazing purchase and totally worth the money as my cats use it alot
05/18/14 | Roksana

Just perfect!

I've got three smaller models for my six big Ragdolls, I must say this tree is amazing! Very sturdy, cats love it, all cushions are removable so I can wash it, and the posts are very wide perfect for big and small cats. It looks very posh as well.

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