Better suited to Syrians.

Good cage size but had to take the tubes off as too vertical for my dwarf to climb. She also struggled with the green slope too as it's too L-Shaped rather than sloped for her to climb, extra wood shavings have helped the issue. Connecting piece of the green slope has broken too, not very strong plastic.

03/05/13 | fussy hamster owner

a few hick ups

Hey so I am going to be super critical here. I chose this cage because I thought it would give my Syrian Lots of interest, it met the rspca size standards and it came with two shelves as opposed to one like most cages this size. As soon as it arrived I started having second thoughts. although it is a nice cage I wanted to put larger hamster toys and a rat wheel in it and felt this would be a bit of a squish. I have had my hamster in it two days and although I am sure most hamsters will be fine in it but I have had a couple of problems. she has made a nest in the penthouse which is great but because she tends to lie in at night it's hard to get her out because she just hides in the tubes. I have also noticed she is now peeing in her penthouse. As a result I am now going to be removing the tubes and penthouse which is a shame because they seemed like such a good feature. I have read some other people have had similar problems. The good thing is that the cage does come with tube blocker so as an owner you can make this choice yourself. the cage can also be easily rearranged or move a level for bigger wheels and toys to go in it. other good points is the cage is really sturdy and well built. It has a lovely big front door as well for easy cage access. with all these points, In hindsight I wish I had gone for a simpler cage for less money. hope this review may help people when trying to decide between this one and a cheaper model

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