08/29/21 | Ellen Taylor

Not bad overall

Good things about it - Largest hamster cage I have seen available, deep tray at the bottom so you can layer it with deep bedding for hammy to dig through, cute little sand box as well, enough space to add in extra toys or tubes for more stimulation so hamster doesn't get bored. Bad points- Difficult to assemble and clean the tubes, the wheel is flimsy and dangerous, the water bottle is also rubbish so I had to replace these, I had to put extra platforms in as the ladders where a bit high



The cage is after all good, it is above the bare minimum. But I have a few small isssues, the ladder are too steep and my hamster cant climb them, but it can be solved with any other ladders that can be bought at any pet shop. The other issue was that one part was missing, thankfully the zooplus customer help took care of it. Other than these two things, I love the cage


Great cage overall

This is a good size cage, although the cage dips in a lot at the bottom and so there is less floor space than you expect. The two shelves add to the space your hamster has though. However, there are a few niggles. The wheel is flimsy and the water bottle leaked and I had to replace it. My hamster slept, ate and weed/pooed in the penthouse and it stank and needed cleaning daily. Eventually I removed it and replaced it with a Savic Spelos. East to assemble, other than slightly fiddly tubes!

12/01/17 | Kornel

Pretty good

This cage is great but some accessories that come with the cage are pretty useless such as the squeakiest wheel ever. Other than that i took out the green layer to fit in toys for the syrian hamster as it is very tight if you want to actually keep both layers on


Nice, Large Sturdy cage but not so keen on the accessories

The Hamster Heaven is a nice, large sturdy but the shelves are not very good for big Syrians as they take up a lot of the cage but are a bit small for them so I took mine out. I really like the large front door and how easy it easy to remove the top section for cleaning. The much cheaper Alaska cage is actually taller so a good option for a tighter budget & more space height wise


Lovely mansion - beware of penthouse breeding laziness!!!

Pros: Massive cage with high quality accessories, plenty of room to put in lots of toys and change things about on a regular basis. Large front door makes access a lot easier, deep base means no sawdust gets kicked out of the cage. If you don't have time to take your pet out you don't feel quite so guilty as there is so much room inside the cage. Cons: Penthouse and tubes are a great idea but unfortunately I've now kept two hamsters (separately!!) in this cage and both have moved entirely up to the penthouse and peed down into the tubes instead of getting up and moving about. Even at night they have been significantly less active than when in a smaller cage. I note that other customers have had the same problem. Although it is a lovely idea the tubes and penthouse seem to breed laziness which actually can be very detrimental to your pet's health. I've removed the penthouse to try and encourage my hamster to be more active and actually use the downstairs element of the cage. The base is arguably too deep - it is very difficult to find anywhere to clip a wheel on to that will also be within reach (stand alone wheels are no use as they just fall over) so you have to clip it on at the green level (the pink one is too high up). A standard size wheel fits and no more - I prefer to buy the larger rat sized ones for comfort. If my hamster grows to be a larger than average hamster I may have to remove the green level, place a rat wheel in and buy something to assist her in actually reaching the wheel as it'll still be too high up to reach. The ladders are too steep (a comment made by others) but hamsters climb anyway so will soon find an alternative to this by using the bars. All in all this is a brilliant cage but I've been surprised at how each hamster I've had in it does not actually utilise the full space so perhaps the cambridge cage would be a cheaper alternative if you are still hesitating on the price. I've had the cambridge cage before and it is also very spacious. Only downside to that one is the lack of a large front access door.

05/07/13 | Natalie Hawkins

Awesome Cage!

This cage is huge. It looks much bigger than the picture; my little Toby looks so small inside of it! The only issue I've had is one of the handles snapped while I was carrying it up to my bedroom. If my hamster had been inside of it when the handle snapped, it could have ended bandly. So, watch out for that little problem. I'm going to take out the green shelf and replace it with a Savic Corner Platform, simply because the green one isn't all that practical. If it was solid without the holes built into the design, it would have been perfect. I knew that when I was buying it, though. Oh; I don't like to use wheel stands as they can easily be knocked over by the hamster so I always opt for putting it on the bars. However, because the base is so deep, you have to have the wheel up incredibly high for it to not rub against the plastic. You'll have to put something underneath the wheel so your hamster can reach.


Cage review

I have kept an adult female Syrian hamster in this cage since December, She loves it! AT first, i had the tubes and penthouse on but found the tubes a squeeze even for a baby Syrian! (My hamster is tiny for a fully grown syrian) I later took the tubes and penthouse off and replaced these with the stoppers. Luckily, I was by the cage when my hamster managed to push the yellow connectors to the side and that was big enough for her to fit through! Tins are now on top of these so the stoppers dont move out of place. Apart from that, This cage is magnificent! Huge doors, sturdy bars and its HUGE! It was a lot wider than i thought; i also have an 8 inch hamster ball in this cage and there is still plenty of room! I think its slightly overpriced, but good for the sturdy accesories that come with the cage. I would recommend this cage for adult dwarf hamsters, or Syrians as long as the tubes are removed. You can leave the tubes on, i felt that I felt happier without them. Zooplus delivered this cage in perfect condition and my hamsters happy. Id give this cage a 7/10.

01/16/13 | kim

great cage

I got this cage for my 5 mice. They love it although some are nervous about using the penthouse section. The only downside was that 2 pieces were broken when it arrived hence the 4 stars. Apart from that its brilliant, good size and easy to clean.

06/23/12 | Danielle Bourne

Im loving it!

This cage is awesome! It arrived after only 3 days of ordering it which I thought was great! Only one problem I have to now buy a savic turning tube because one of them was not built right so I'll be poping to pets at home tomorrow to purchase that and then my baby blue can go in her new home :)

02/23/12 | Suzan Galata

Hamster Heaven 80

My Hamster Bobby Has Just Recently Moved Into His New Home A Couple Of Weeks Ago Now, Lovely Spacious Cage , He Has Moved Into The Penthouse & Seems To Spend Most Of His Time There . The Only Down Side To This Product Are The Very Steep Slide & Ladder That Are Just Way Too Slippery , He Has To Climb On To A Wooden Bridge I've Put In & Then Pull Himself Up Onto 2nd Landing. He's Not Small Either & Around 8 Months Old ,So Still Young Enough To Be Able To Do This. He Also Needs To Stand On Something To Reach His Water Bottle, That's Also How He Gets Onto Other Level, He Won't Even Attempt The Ladder Again. With A Little Effort & Tweaking From The Manufacturers This Cage Could Be Perfect.

11/11/11 | Julie

Lovely big cage, but stairs/ramp useless.

Great sized cage, lovely colours, nice quality. My hamster loves the penthouse, spends most of her time up in there. My only complaint is that the stairs and ramp to the second levels are absolutely useless, apart from looking pretty. Mine is a large Syrian and she can't get up them as they're far too steep and is scared to come down them. Savic need to sort this problem out and offer a solution to people who have already spent a lot of money on these cages! At the moment, my hamster is less than a year old so can struggle upstairs by pulling herself up side bars, but she shouldn't have to and an old hamster just couldn't manage it, you'd need to buy or make your own ramps, which is ridiculous for such an expensive cage. Much better version than the old Heaven cage though, where the shelf screws just break all the time.