08/16/18 | Julie M

Fussy piggies never liked it.

My fussy boars didn’t like this hay at all. I tried mixing it with their normal hay but they just pulled it out their hay trays and peed all over it. Don’t think there is anything wrong with this hay just my fussy boars didn’t like it at all. :-(



After seeing some mixed reviews I thought I would give it a try. It was ok, my guinea pigs didn’t particularly love it and there was a lot of dust at the bottom of the bag. I won’t buy it again.



I bought this hay to use as nesting material for my hamster, and am generally quite pleased with what I received. It smells sweet, has a nice colour, and was also a very good price. The only reason I removed a star is because it does seem to be rather dusty.

11/13/17 | Ana

Can't recommend this

Has an OK fresh hay smell, and an acceptable green-ish colour, but that's the best I can say about it. It's very soft and there are so many teeny tiny pieces, like the hay has been chewed up by a lawnmower. Since I'm using fleece bedding, it's dreadfully hard to clean. And the guinea pigs hardly touch it. I ended up throwing away almost half of one bag because it was all dust and debris on the bottom. I gave the other two bags away because I saw no point opening them and then throwing them away.



I have brought the dandelion one for my guinea pigs a few times now and they absolutely adore it.

03/09/17 | Pauline Biggs

mixed hay bags.

Bit dissapointed,found a lot of hard stalks and a stone in the hay.Never had a problem with it before always been very pleased.

10/20/16 | poppy

guinea pigs love it!

bought for my piggies as a treat instead of timothy hay. lovely and green, smells delicious, relatively dust free (I, and some of my pigs, have dust allergies and we had no problems). The apple one has tiny pieces of dried apple which everyone appreciated, but should therefore only be a treat and not a staple. is all cut quite short so a bit messy when using mesh racks, but that makes it lovely and soft. but overall, all 6 of my guinea pigs approve! will definitely be buying again

08/31/16 | alana

Looks fine but Piggies not a fan

Smells and looks fine but my guinea pigs appear to be turning their noses up at it! Shame but we'll see if they warm up to it


Bunny approved

After trying the mix flavour option, my bunny decided apple was her favourite(wierd cos she hates apple anywhere else!). She climbs in the bag and tries to steal it whenever she can!

04/22/14 | Nesta Hope

happy bunnies

I have bought this hay on 2 occasions now and the bunnies love it. It smells very sweet and looks scrummy.


My rabbits like it

Since I changed from normal supermarket hay to Greenwoods my two lops have really increased their intake. I get the feeling that if you close the packet as tightly as possible it stays fresh for longer, in other words does not dry out so fast. I have never seen a resealable hay packet – maybe that's a good idea for a hay manufacturer.

09/01/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Three hays

This is not so special – there are other brands of hay which are better priced, but I really like the three different types of hay

04/23/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Yum yum

I have been feeding my minis with the dwarf rabbit food so I got this trial pack as well. And they love all 3 types. Greenwood is our favourite brand!