08/29/21 | Ellen Taylor

Not bad overall

Good things about it - Largest hamster cage I have seen available, deep tray at the bottom so you can layer it with deep bedding for hammy to dig through, cute little sand box as well, enough space to add in extra toys or tubes for more stimulation so hamster doesn't get bored. Bad points- Difficult to assemble and clean the tubes, the wheel is flimsy and dangerous, the water bottle is also rubbish so I had to replace these, I had to put extra platforms in as the ladders where a bit high


The cage is after all good, it is above the bare minimum. But I have a few small isssues, the ladder are too steep and my hamster cant climb them, but it can be solved with any other ladders that can be bought at any pet shop. The other issue was that one part was missing, thankfully the zooplus customer help took care of it. Other than these two things, I love the cage
12/09/18 | Beth

Delivery is amazing!

I am totally impressed with the delivery process. I have not yet recieved this product but i ordered it very late last night and it has already been dispatched! I am also being kept up to daye with the delivery process over email which i think is a very good idea. I cant wait for this cage to come😁

Great cage overall

This is a good size cage, although the cage dips in a lot at the bottom and so there is less floor space than you expect. The two shelves add to the space your hamster has though. However, there are a few niggles. The wheel is flimsy and the water bottle leaked and I had to replace it. My hamster slept, ate and weed/pooed in the penthouse and it stank and needed cleaning daily. Eventually I removed it and replaced it with a Savic Spelos. East to assemble, other than slightly fiddly tubes!
08/17/18 | Lucy

Luxury living!

Arrived within 2 days of ordering. It’s huge and we had lots of fun putting it together. Our dwarf Russian is finding the ladders a bit tricky to get up as plastic and she’s slipping so have substituted for wooden ones from her old cage for better grip. She hasn’t discovered the tubes yet so plenty for her to find and enjoy.
07/21/18 | Lorna

Huge brilliant cage

I received this cage a few days ago. The picture on listing doesn't do it justice. The cage is HUGE!! My dwarf hamster is loving this. She is still young so doesnt know how to use the tunnels or walkways yet, but ill give her time. I'll definitely order again from Zooplus
07/15/18 | Amelia Millis

Best cage I have come across for a syrian

The first cage arrived broken, however zooplus were very helpful and promptly sent a replacement. It took a couple of hours to build and I placed the pink level above the green level to make room for a 28cm wheel which is required for a syrian. My new hamster has not yet discovered the tubes and penthouse but she loves climbing the bars and is very happy! I definitely recommend this cage for a syrian hamster as they have loads to do and plenty of room to explore.🙂
06/17/18 | Alice

The perfect hamster cage!

After much debate over whether it was worth the money I finally decided to invest-and it was definitely worth it! My hamster is a lot happier after moving into this larger cage. It is easy to clean unlike most cages of this size so I would definitely recommend. Delivery was extremely fast (I was a little apprehensive to begin with because this was my first time buying from Zooplus) and I will be using this site again. Would recommend to any hamster owner.

Great cage

Really good cage but tunnels are annoying to put together and try to clean out. Also, it's a bit pricey especially since you can get a bigger cage for cheaper. But it is a lovely cage
02/08/18 | Lauren

Brilliant service

After much thought I decided to spend the money on this much needed home for my gorgeous hamster. It arrived broken to my disappointment but I told Zooplus straight away and they didn’t hesitate to help fix the problem!!! My hamsters still not managed to do everything in the cage because and she’s really happy now! Must admit I’m over the moon with this purchase and I wouldn’t hesitate one little bit to reorder from Zooplus with the great customer service I received:-)
01/22/18 | Will

Great cage

This cage has got to be the best one I’ve owned since I’ve had hamsters! Its large enough for them to keep busy! My hamster hasn’t stopped exploring yet and I’ve not long had it. With the different levels and tubes it definitely offers a wide range of things to keep their little minds active.
12/01/17 | Kornel

Pretty good

This cage is great but some accessories that come with the cage are pretty useless such as the squeakiest wheel ever. Other than that i took out the green layer to fit in toys for the syrian hamster as it is very tight if you want to actually keep both layers on

Better suited to Syrians.

Good cage size but had to take the tubes off as too vertical for my dwarf to climb. She also struggled with the green slope too as it's too L-Shaped rather than sloped for her to climb, extra wood shavings have helped the issue. Connecting piece of the green slope has broken too, not very strong plastic.
07/15/17 | Tony

Great Cage for large Hamsters

This is THE cage for Syrian Hamsters! Brilliant cage, good quality and well thought out. As some others have mentioned- the only thing we have had to do is remove the penthouse as the Hamster insisted on making it's bed in there, this makes it difficult to clean and the hamster tended to urinate in there. I just redirected the pipes into the bottom of the cage vis a little extension- the pipes that Pets at Home sell are compatible with these pipes.
04/11/17 | who knows


very nice
04/11/17 | who knows



Such a great cage!

Spent ages looking at different cages and decided on this one. It only took two days to arrive from Zooplus which is excellent. My hamster loves the cage and has explored all over it straight away. The green slide is a little tricky to get up but he has managed it once, I've added a little wooden one just in case he's struggling. All in all an excellent cage and great service from Zooplus.
03/04/17 | Elise


I spent so long looking online for the perfect hamster cage and... I found it!! I love this cage it is so big and the design is flawless. The delivery from zooplus was also really good and arrived in a couple of days. I would definitely recommend this cage to any hamster owner!
02/05/17 | Katie Nelson

fantastic cage

Lovely cage, best thing about it is the big easy access door on the front, which is also an amazingly good fastening, no way at all that your hamster would be able to open it! considering how many parts there are, it was fairly easy to assemble, with helpful photographic diagram. Good strong bars but the cage itself isn't too heavy to easily move around and the deep base is great for allowing your hamster/mouse lots of digging possibilities
01/28/17 | Augustus.happy.hammy

A truly happy home for a hammy!

So impressed with this cage! Service from Zooplus again exemplary...ordered on Thursday night and arrived Saturday morning. We wanted a larger cage for our much adored Syrian hamster who is a few months old and seemed to be getting frustrated in his Ferplast Duna plus cage (biting the bars etc). I thought his old cage was a decent size but this is absolutely HUGE and provides a much better space. We have added a wooden bridge, silent wheel and a hidey house - there is loads of room and he seems very happy :) A fantastic cage at a really good price - highly recommend.

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