02/12/17 | Kim
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Hamster run

I love this run and so does my roborovski. It's huge and so he can really enjoy exploring. However, one simple modification had to be made. I taped cardboard on the inside where the two mesh openings are because he went straight to it to chew. It was simple and quick. Problem resolved.
01/11/17 | Amanda munns
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So good my g.pigs now live in it full-time

Brilliant! Bought as a space for them to exercise however they enjoyed it so much and we're so much happier in it than their previous 2m cage that this is where they now live, and been so for the last 2 years. They are much happier, and seem to really like the space and the shape which they use as a race track. I hook 2x mangers on the side for their hay; 2x houses, tunnels, a piece of stone for their feet and a couple of toys. All fits. Brilliant!
25/05/15 | Chrissy Hillyard
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Nylon Run

Perfect for the ferrets when we are attending shows. Never had an escapee yet!
03/05/15 | Valerie Goddard
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Ideal for Puppy Playtime

This run is such a help to me when I have a litter of Hav puppies I would find it difficult to manage without it. The nylon material is strong and easily cleaned; the zip opening allows easy access and the height is just right - keeps puppies in but is low enough for me to easily pick them up. It is a real boon when toilet training young puppies - I cover the floor with puppy pads, put the puppy in and as soon as they 'go', out they come with lots of praise, a cuddle and a treat! Works really well. The zip floor is invaluable - competitors similar runs have a velco attached floor that puppies can easily get under and escape. But in this run a puppy can be left for a short while in safety with plenty of room to play, sleep and drink. I really recommend this run - it has become an essential part of my dog care and one I definitely recommend to puppy buyers.
03/05/15 | Katie
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good for all small animals

i bought this pen for a few reasons. firstly as an indoor playpen for my 4 guinea pigs, to help bond them, and so they can have floor time while they are still babies. also for them to have some time outdoors on the slabs in the garden, to help wear down their nails. can also be used on grass, which i plan to do when i visit my parents over the summer, as i have no grass in my garden. and this pen is so light and portable i can take it with me anywhere! i also bought it for my syrian hamster to use as a pen outside of her cage but where she wont get lost in an open room. perfect to fill with larger toys that wont fit in her cage. folds up so small its perfect if you want a pen but have lack of storage space. i have also previously used this pen to house a newly neutered house rabbit who wasnt allowed to move too much for a few days. and also a litter of kittens when they required more space to move around, but could easily get lost under furniture in an open room.
09/11/14 | Vicky Lawless
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so excited to recieve mine

Since my last run broke been looking for a new run for my 2 guinea pigs for ages, and then found this received it really quickly, got it out today and my guineas are still in it. It now means they can stay outside longer then just me cleaning them out, also means they can come inside and have a run to fantastic product will be ordering again from zooplus
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great product, brill for my guinea pigs

I bought this for my 2 guinea pigs for exercise space and chose this as wanted something easy to put up and away. And must say it is so simple to put up and away, its also easily wiped clean and I love the water bottle idea as they can stay in there happily 4 longer. Its so simple to zip the floor and net roof on to. I would recommend this product and if I am honest I don't normally leave reviews but thought I should in this case 😊
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excellent product

i had a wooden apex run ,my guinea pigs managed to escape out of it.i had bought these runs for the winter.now ive placed the guinea pigs in them.they are fab no worries of escaping.very portable,use tent pegs to secure on grass.bought guinea pigs inside as so hot outside.one guinea pig had heat stroke at beginning of week and had to attend vets.these are excellent for them to be able to come into house without any harm to piggies or mess on floor.fantastic.
22/02/14 | David
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Excellent solution

Having just got a couple of guinea pigs we needed somewhere for them to get some excercise in safety without fear of them nibbling wires and making a mess on the floor. This run is great and feels good quality with a zip out wipeable floor and sun shade for when they go outside. Bought the large size and it is plenty big enough, the medium would have probably been okay but its great they have so much room. Can be put up or down in about 30 secs and stores neatly in the bag provided. Looking forward to better weather to put them outside without the base, will be able to leave them for a while as it has a bottle holder and feels cat proof! They love it as do we. Really quick and informative delivery too.
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excellent fold up indoor run

I brought 2 of these for my guinea pigs for the winter so they could come inside when it got really cold. we dont have the space for indoor cages to store them, so we got these as they fold up so can easily store them. They are very good quality at a very good price and my guinea pigs loved them. the floor is easy to clean, it has a space for a water bottle and also has a net roof you can zip on which is great as we have dogs so they couldnt get to them. I would highly reccomend this product for guinea pigs if you want an indoor run or just somewhere for them to go inside for the winter. Overall a great product which the guinea pigs loved!
13/04/13 | Rexy
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8 sided run

These runs are amazing, my guinea pigs love them, they are so easy to fold and unfold. the fact that the bottom is now zipped in place as made the product even better. i would recommend any one buying this you won't be disapointed