PSD2 - the new European Payment Services Directive

Dear zooplus customer,

We would like to inform you about important changes in online payments:

A new EU directive on the regulation of payment services and payment service providers will come into effect throughout the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) in September 2019.

PSD2 at a glance:

The EU guideline PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) concerns all digital payment methods. How exactly the new authentication is displayed will depend on your bank and not the online shop used.

This enhanced security process will help to further protect consumers and reduce fraud when using online payment services by confirming that the person authorising the transaction is owner of the credit card. For you the customer, this will make online payment even more secure!

According to the policy, there are three types of authentication:

  1. Knowledge, something only the customer knows, such as a password, the answer to a secret question, a PIN
  2. Possession, something only the customer has, such as your mobile phone, smartwatch, or payment card
  3. Inherence, something unique to the customer, such as their fingerprint e. face signature, or eye scan

Each payment requires the use of two different, separate methods of identity verification.

In order to continue to ensure the continued convenience of online shopping and to keep the effects of increased verification effort to a minimum for online customers, a few exceptions and special regulations have been agreed.

  • For small amounts with a purchase value of up to € 30, no enhanced authentication will be required for the time being
  • Recurring payments, such as monthly fees for an online service are not affected by the PSD2 procedure.
  • Authentication or whitelisting of the online merchant, i.e. the online merchant is trusted by the customer. However, this only applies if the card issuer offers this option and agrees with the customer's merchant selection.

For further information concerning the respective procedures and which procedure your bank offers, please contact your bank directly.