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Concept for Life Beauty Trial Pack

Product description

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Beauty in Jelly + 400g Dry Food + 75g Paste
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Product description

Try the Concept for Life Trial Pack with 12 x 85g Concept for Life Beauty Wet Food + 400g Beauty Dry Food + Beauty 75g Paste at a great price! Balanced nutrition to support skin & coat health.
The Concept for Life Beauty Trial Pack is a great way to give your cat nutrition to support a healthy skin and coat. A shiny, glossy coat is a great indicator of overall health, and with this combination of wet and dry food alongside a supplementary paste is a great way to ensure that your cat receives all the nutrients it needs for a beautiful coat. The well-rounded recipe takes care of your cat's overall well-being as well as providing intense care for their skin and coat.

The main ingredient in the Concept for Life Beauty range is a selected animal protein that is combined with other high quality ingredients to create a balanced nutrient profile that supports your cat's well-being. The carefully constructed recipe is easy to digest and well accepted by many cats.

The high quality Concept for Life Beauty range has been developed according to scientific research and made to support adult cats with sensitive skin. It can support optimal coat and skin health while providing all-round care.

Concept for Life Beauty Trial Pack at a glance:
  • Shiny coat: fish oil as a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids in combination with biotin and zinc to promote coat and skin health
  • Anti hairball: the special fibres from pysllium husk can minimise the formation of hairballs and promote the passing of hairballs from the digestive system
  • Balanced nutrient profile: the recipe contains important proteins, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins, and minerals to support your cat's overall well-being and promote longevity
  • Well-accepted
  • Developed in collaboration with veterinary doctors
  • Contains vital nutrient taurine
  • Wet food in handy pouches: pre-portioned and always fresh to lock in falvour and preserve nutrients
  • No soy, sugar, additives or preservatives

Concept for Life is a unique, scientifically based nutritional concept that focuses on your cat’s individual well-being and dietary requirements at all life stages. The Beauty range provides tailored nutrition for adult cats older than 1 year.

Concept for Life – tailored nutrition for your pet.

Take advantage of this Trial Pack while stocks last:
Concept for Life Beauty Trial Pack: 12 x 85g Wet Food + 400g Dry Food +75g Paste at a great price!

You can find further information about the individual products at the Concept for Life page here.

The Concept for Life Paste is a supplementary food for adult cats.

Please note that this offer is only valid for product 998962.

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:

The given amounts are recommendations and should be adjusted according to your cat's individual needs, activity level, and dietary requirements in order to reach ideal weight. Please feed at room temperature and always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.
Weight of the cat in kg: Feeding exclusively pouches/day Mixed Feeding with Concept for Life All Cats Dry Food/day
3kg 2 1 Pouch + 20 - 25g Dry Food
4kg 2.5 1 Pouch + 25 - 30g Dry Food
5kg 3 1 Pouch + 35 - 40g Dry Food
6kg 3.5 1 Pouch + 40 - 45g Dry Food 
All prices include tax., Additional shipping costs may apply.