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Trixie Junior Ceramic Bowl

Product description

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Product description

Charming food bowl for kittens and short-nosed cats, shallow bowl, made from ceramic, hygienic material, suitable for wet food, dry food or water, dishwasher safe, colour: lilac 
Your kitten still has lots to learn when you first welcome it into your home – including how to eat! The Trixie Junior Ceramic Bowl makes it easier for kittens to eat their food because it is nicely shallow, so it allows kittens to reach the food effortlessly. This bowl is also ideal for adult short-nosed cats. 

This dish is made from ceramic and is relatively heavy, meaning that it won’t slip and slide around. The ceramic material is very hygienic because the surface is smooth and non-porous. What’s more, the bowl has no corners where food could become lodged, making it very easy to clean. This kitten food bowl by Trixie comes in lilac and is decorated with a cute cat motif. It can be used for both dry and wet food, as well as for water. It is a very handy addition to your cat’s accessories!

Trixie Junior Ceramic Bowl at a glance:
  • Pretty food bowl for kittens and cats
  • Suitable for short-nosed cats (Persians, British Shorthairs)
  • Shallow and wide: whiskers don’t get in the way, easy to reach the food
  • Made of ceramic: relatively heavy, stable, high-quality finish
  • Hygienic material: smooth, non-porous, no corners, easy to clean
  • Multi-use: for wet food, dry food or water
  • Cute motif inside
  • Colour: lilac
  • Material: ceramic
  • Dimensions: 14cm (Ø)
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Care instruction: dishwasher safe 
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