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Trixie Protective Grille for Windows (Side Piece)

Product description

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62 x 16/7 cm (L x W)
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Product description

Protective grilles bring safety to tilting or casement windows. This side piece fits into the gap and prevents your cat getting stuck and injuring itself. The grille is made from light stable plastic.
The Trixie Protective Grille for Windows can add safety to your cat and can help avoid unpleasant injuries. A tilting window can prove hazardous to cats, as once your cat’s head is through a gap it will think the rest of its body can easily follow, and thanks to the slanting nature of these windows, it could easily get stuck, causing serious injury.

This tapered piece of protective grille is 62cm high with a width ranging between 7 and 16 cm, and can be fitted to almost any window. It is made from plastic and is particularly light and stable. It comes with brackets to help fasten the grille into the window frame, with either screws or sticking. Once it is installed, the grille can be easily removed and reattached when not in use or for cleaning.

This practical, useful accessory brings safety to every cat household – a real necessity! Trixie Protective Grille for Windows (Side Piece) at a glance:

  • Protective grille for the sides of windows, to ensure your cat’s safety
  • Reduces injury when cats try to get through tilting or casement windows
  • Universal size: is the correct size and shape for the majority of windows
  • With corresponding bracket: for securing the grille to the side of the window frame using glue or screws
  • Stable and light: made from robust plastic
  • Easy to remove: for cleaning or when not in use, with a handle for ease
  • Colour: white
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total dimensions: approx. 62 x 7-16 cm (L x W)
    • Grille spacing: approx. 4.7-7.4cm
  • Included: 1 tapered side grille, 3 brackets for screwing or sticking (additional tools not included)
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