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Trixie Heart Dangler with Catnip

Product description

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Product description

Charming dangler pole with heart attachment, filled with irresistible catnip. Features diverse materials to keep your cat excited & engaged, crackling film for an encouraging sound. L: approx. 35cm
Show your cat how much you love it with the Trixie Heart Dangler with Catnip! The charming heart attachment speaks to your cat's natural hunting instincts, and it can be used indoors as well as out. The dangler pole is approx. 35cm long, and encourages interactive play between you and your cat, helping you form a bond and enjoy your time together.

The attachment is made from a range of diverse materials to hold your cat's attention and provide a lovely decorative touch. The toy also features crackling film to create a further stimulus, making an encouraging sound when the toy is pushed around and played with. The delightful heart attachment is also filled with Catnip, which is well known for its almost intoxicating effect on cats. This lasting attraction will keep your cat engaging with this toy again and again. 

Trixie Heart Cat Dangler with Catnip at a glance:
  • Cute dangler pole for cats
  • Very decorative: with a charming heart attachment to play with and chase after
  • Encourages wild chasing and hunting: perfect as an interactive activity for you and your cat to bond over
  • Filled with catnip: which has an irresistible scent and makes the toy even more exciting and interesting
  • Different materials: diverse textures on the surface create an engaging playing experience
  • With crackling foil: for additional stimulus
  • Colour: natural
  • Material: Polyester / Jute / Wood
  • Dimensions: Length approx. 35cm


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