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Shira Scratching Toy

Product description

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Product description

Zebra scratching toy with black and white sisal body, cute fluffy zebra head, bell at the end of the tail, ideal for getting kittens used to scratching posts, length: approx. 46cm
This black and white striped zebra is the perfect playmate for your kitten! The adorable zebra head has large ears and a mane and is perfect for any zebra fans. The bell at the end of the tail will catch your kitty’s attention and encourage it to scratch and play. The black and white scratching stem is ideal for getting kittens used to sharpening their claws on a sisal post. This means that your carpets and furniture will stay free from scratch marks.

Shira Scratching Toy at a glance: 
  • Small zebra toy with scratching stem for playing with and scratching, ideal for kittens
  • Charming playmate: with large, soft zebra head with ears and mane
  • Horizonal sisal scratching stem: ideal for allowing kittens to get used to sisal posts
  • With bell at the end of the tail: encourages your cat to play
  • Charming design
  • Black and white sisal wound around the body
  • Easy assembly
  • Colour: black/ white
  • Material: 100% polyester/ sisal
  • Dimensions: 
    • Total: approx. 46 x 18 x 19cm (L x W x H)
    • Body: approx. 28 x 14 x 17cm (L x W x H)
    • Head: 11cm (Ø)
    • Base: 29 x 18cm (L x W)
    • Sisal stem: approx. 5.5 x 20cm (Ø x cm)
    • Tail: approx. 17cm (L)

Important: As with any product, please supervise your cat while it plays with this toy. Inspect the toy regularly for damage and replace it if it is broken or any piece is missing so as to avoid possible injury to your pet.
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