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Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Beef & Rice

Product description

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Product description

Sterilised cats will benefit from this complete dry cat food, ideal for weight control & with 33.5% beef. It contains optimised mineral content to support a healthy urinary tract, with MOS & FOS.
Before being sterilised, your cat’s metabolism adjusts itself to a food with a fairly constant energy content, with your cat only eating as much as it needs to meet its energy needs. However, after sterilisation this natural regulation process stops, meaning that a food such as Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Beef & Rice is needed to prevent your cat from overeating and becoming overweight. As soon as 48 hours after sterilisation, your cat’s nutritional intake can increase by as much as 20%, whilst energy needs can decrease at the same time by around 30%.

Sterilised cats can also suffer from urinary stones, particularly if they are overweight, because they tend to drink less water and, therefore, produce less urine. Through a controlled mineral content, such as that in Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Beef & Rice, your cat’s urine pH value can be lowered, helping to improve urinary tract health.

Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Beef & Rice also has a reduced fat content to help combat unwanted weight gain. Prebiotics such as MOS and FOS also help promote a balanced gut flora, whilst Yucca schidigera can help to reduce flatulence and unpleasant stool odour.

Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Beef & Rice at a glance:

  • Complete food for sterilised adult cats
  • Ideal for weight control: thanks to a reduced fat content
  • 26% beef: for a particularly heart flavour and optimal digestibility
  • With MOS and FOS: to support healthy gut flora
  • With yucca schidigera: to reduce flatulence and unwanted stool odour
  • Contains linseeds: to stimulate digestion
  • Optimised mineral content: to support healthy urinary tracts
  • Enriched with vital vitamins and minerals
  • Contains taurine: to support key eye, heart, brain and nerve functions
  • Rich in biotin: for healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Free from chemical additives, preservatives and colourings
  • No GMOs: free from genetically modified ingredients


Beef (33.5%, incl. 26% fresh beef, 7.5% dried beef), dried chicken (14%), rice, maize, whole corn rice meal, chicken fat, dried pork protein (5.6%), hydrolysed animal protein, cellulose (0.4%), yeast, minerals, mannanoligosaccharides (0.1%), inulin from chicory [source of FOS] (0.1%), Yucca schidigera (0.01%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A [3a672a] (19,500 IU), vitamin D3 [3a671] (750 IU), vitamin E [3a700] (400mg), vitamin B1 [3a821] (12mg), vitamin B2 (14mg), vitamin B6 [3a831] (12mg), vitamin B12 (0.15mg), vitamin K3 [3a711] (1mg), folic acid [3a316] (1mg), calcium-D-pantothenate [3a841] (20mg), biotin [3a880] (0.5mg), niacin [3a314] (25mg), choline chloride [3a890] (2590mg), iodine (1,07mg) [3b203] (1.64mg), copper (4.78mg) [cuprous sulphate pentahydrate (15.96mg), copper chelate from amino acids hydrate (16.87mg)], manganese (6.71mg) [manganous sulphate monohydrate [3b503] (20.67mg)], zinc (52.5mg) [zinc sulphate monohydrate [3b605] (125.74mg), zinc chelate from hydrolysed protein [3b612] (151.37mg)], selenium (0.03mg) [organic selenium [3b8.10] (11.38mg)], taurine (360mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 32.0 %
fat 17.0 %
fibre 2.5 %
ash 8.0 %
calcium 1.7 %
phosphorus 1.1 %
magnesium 0.09 %
moisture 9.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.29 %
omega-6 fats 2.4 %
calories that can be burned 3915.0 kcal

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
Almo Nature recommends a combined feeding of meat, poultry and fish, wet and dry food, and supplementary and complete foods to help ensure an optimum nutritional balance.

Daily recommendation for 4kg cat: 140g wet food and 35g dry food.
Fresh water should always be available.
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