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Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - Amaryllis

Product description

Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - Amaryllis 5 11
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Product description

Tall cat tree with real wood platforms, 7 sleeping areas, suitable for larger breeds and families with several cats, 15cm thick sisal posts, easy to clean covers, easy assembly, height: 200 - 265cm
NATURAL PARADISE. DESIGNED FOR NATURAL INSTINCTS. Natural Paradise is the best way your owner can show their respect for what and who you are - much more than a pet. You are a beloved member of the family and you deserve a comfortable and nurturing environment to feel right at home. This is what we are passionate about. We love to make sure that your owner's home reflects your natural habitat so you can always be yourself and follow your natural instincts.


Who needs trees when you can have a cat tree? It's even tall enough to reach the ceiling! You'll have a fantastic view over your kingdom from up there and you can make it nice and cosy. Nobody will be able to disturb you there. You don't even need to climb all the way up there if you don't feel like it. There are so many places to sleep - you just need to choose one!

The best part is the extra thick scratching posts where you can sharpen your claws really well and even climb up if you want. It's not so bad when you can't go outside. You can stay warm and dry inside while you climb, scratch and relax on the Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - Amaryllis.

Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - Amaryllis at a glance:
  • Cat tree that reaches the ceiling with large sleeping areas and various levels 
  • Ideal for households with several cats and for heavier breeds
This cat tree can be assembled in multiple ways, meaning that it will fit into the space available.
Höhe anpassbar
Adjustable height
The height can be adjusted to between 200 - 265cm when assembled with the ceiling fixture. 
Dicke und lange Kratzstämme
Extra long and thick scratching posts
Covered with hard-wearing, natural sisal that is perfect for climbing up and sharpening claws. Furniture and walls will be kept free of scratch marks. This particularly high tree is perfect for really stretching out against.
Viele Liegeplätze
Multiple levels
7 places to sleep in various shapes and sizes for lots of variety. The 2 comfy hammocks, the 2 soft beds with high edges and the cushioned platforms offer enough places for several cats to relax, snooze and dream.
Einfache Reinigung
Easy to clean
The hammocks can be unclipped and removed while the snuggly beds are attached with Velcro and can easily be taken off. They can then be washed by hand.
Animierendes Spielzeug
Entertaining toys
Fluffy toy animals with real feathers encourage playing and chasing. They will bring lots of fun all day long.
  • Natural, untreated wood: base plate and platforms made from stable plywood 
  • Raised sleeping area: ideal for observing surroundings
  • Snuggly and soft sleeping areas: cushioned and padded, Velcro holds the padding in place
  • Plastic feet: to avoid scratches on the floor
  • Paradise for cats with plenty of variety
  • Colour: cream
  • Material:
    • Wood: plywood
    • Padding: 100% polyester
    • Scratching post: covered with 100% natural sisal
  • Total dimensions: 200 - 265 x 160 x 97cm (H x L x W) (All dimensions can be found in the instructions.) 

This product is shipped in two packages so it is possible that the packages may arrive separately on different days. 

Tips for assembly:
If the ceiling fixture can't be mounted or isn't wanted, the cat tree can still be assembled without this. Please consult the assembly instructions and test the stability of the cat tree before allowing your cat to use it. A wall bracket (not included) is recommended if the cat tree is to be used by particularly energetic cats.

Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.


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