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Natural Paradise Wall Scratching Board - Dahlia

Product description

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Product description

Wall-mounted scratching board for cats, made from birch wood, accessories can be mounted as you wish, hammock and soft bed, long sisal post, Oeko-Tex® upholstery, saves space, height: 110cm
NATURAL PARADISE. DESIGNED FOR NATURAL INSTINCTS. Natural Paradise is the best way your owner can show their respect for what and who you are - much more than a pet. You are a beloved member of the family and you deserve a comfortable and nurturing environment to feel right at home. This is what we are passionate about. We love to make sure that your owner's home reflects your natural habitat so you can always be yourself and follow your natural instincts.


What is strong and soft and hangs on the wall? It's your new favourite accessory! It might be hard to believe, but it is a scratching post even if it isn't standing on the floor. Jump up high and get a closer look. There are even two comfy places to sleep - a hammock for relaxing in and an extra soft bed for unwinding. What more could you want? Oh yes, something to scratch. No problem my feline friend, that has also been taken care of. The thick sisal post is perfect for sharpening claws and for stretching out and climbing up. You just need to tell your human how you want to arrange the accessories on the board - it's time to get creative!

Natural Paradise Wall Scratching Board - Dahlia at a glance:
  • Wall scratching board with movable accessories
  • The big advantage of wall-mounted scratching boards: no floor space required, the ideal solution for small or narrow rooms
Get creative
Play around with the accessories and arrange them as you wish. The various elements can be fixed directly onto the board without the need to drill extra holes.
Natural sisal post
The extra long and very robust scratching post is covered with hard-wearing sisal. This makes it perfect for climbing up and provides a large surface area for sharpening claws.
Relaxing hammock
The softly cushioned hammock is the perfect place to kick back and relax. The cover can be removed from the wooden slats and can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C, just like the cosy bed. 
The perfect view
The soft bed with a high edge for cuddling up to is the ideal place to keep watch. Cats love to relax in high-up places. They feel safe because they have a good view over their surroundings and can watch as the world goes by.
Nachhaltiges Material
Natural and sustainable materials
This product features real wood panels, brackets and a platform made from Baltic birch wood that comes from sustainable forestry. The untreated wooden pieces and the scratching post covered with natural sisal will fit nicely with the décor of the living room.
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified
The hammock cover and the upper material of the bed are made from materials tested for harmful substances. You can trust that these certified materials will bring you closer to nature.
  • Multi-use: for relaxing, scratching, jumping and tumbling
  • No floor space required: saves space in the room
  • Easy to clean wood: wipe down when required
  • Colour: cream
  • Material:
    • Wood: Baltic birch plywood
    • Padding: 100% polyester (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100)
    • Scratching post: covered with 100% natural sisal
  • Total dimensions: max. 110 x 78 x 54cm (H x L x W) (All dimensions can be found in the instructions.) 

Tips for fixing to the wall: Check that the condition of the wall in the desired place is suitable before affixing the board to the wall. Materials for mounting are not included. We recommend that you purchase screws and wall plugs that are specifically designed to suit your wall from a specialised shop. Use special wall plugs and screws for concrete, hollow walls or plasterboard. Check the stability of the board before allowing your cat to use it. Check the stability regularly and tighten the screws when needed.

Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.
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