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Cat Lounge Scratching Pad

Product description

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48 x 24 x 13 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

Cat scratching made from robust corrugated cardboard in the shape of a lounge chair, with a comic print and with catnip to increase appeal. It is the ideal sofa space for scratching & dozing.
Scratching furniture offering a cosy place to relax, the Cat Lounge Scratching Pad is perfect for every feline. The curved concave design of this corrugated cardboard makes it the ideal lounge chair for relaxing and dozing. This funky accessory also offers the ideal place for scratching, with plenty of great surfaces for claw care. Both sides are decorated with cats and paws in a comic-style design, making it an attractive addition to every home.

Corrugated cardboard is extremely attractive to cats. The catnip included with the Cat Lounge Scratching Pad also helps to increase its appeal. Simply strew the cat scratching mat with catnip and your cat will enjoy it for hours! Scratching and claw care will be top of your cat’s priorities, along with playing and sleeping. The Cat Lounge Scratching Pad can also help protect your furniture and carpets from scratch attacks, as well as helping to keep your cat busy. Once the Cat Lounge Scratching Pad has been thoroughly enjoyed, it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way!

Cat Lounge Scratching Pad at a glance:

  • Scratching furniture for cats
  • 2 in 1: offers surfaces for your cat to scratch or sleep on (48cm long)
  • Lounge chair: concave design offering a comfortable place to lay, relax and sleep
  • Large scratching area: extensive sharpening claw care, satisfying your cat’s natural instincts and saving your furniture and carpets
  • Highly appealing: cats love cardboard!
  • With catnip: strengthening the attractiveness of your cat’s scratch mat and ensuring long-lasting entertainment
  • Fun comic design: printed with cats and pawprints on both sides
  • Versatile: offering satisfaction for your cat’s scratching needs, as well as great for playing and sleeping
  • Environmentally friendly: cardboard can simply be recycled
  • Colour: brown
  • Material: cardboard
  • Dimensions: approx. 48 x 24 x 13 cm (L x W x H)
Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.
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