TVM Observence Cat

6 x 10 g
Low calorie supplementary food for cats and other carnivorous pets, for easy administration of medicine, good taste & smell, tablets and capsules easy to hide...further information
Product description
TVM Observence Cat
TVM Observence Cat
TVM Observence Cat
TVM Observence Cat
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Product description

Low calorie supplementary food for cats and other carnivorous pets, for easy administration of medicine, good taste & smell, tablets and capsules easy to hide

Not all cats readily accept medicine in the form of tablets or capsules. TVM Observence Cat is designed to make the administration of medicine more pleasant for the four-legged friend as well as for the owner. It is a kind of solid paste that you can portion yourself and form into small balls to hide tablets or capsules in and thus feed them covertly.

TVM Observence cat scores with a good taste and smell that many cats find very appetising. This makes it all the easier to administer the shaped balls with the necessary medication inside. Tablets and capsules are safely enclosed, well hidden and cannot be easily fished out by your cat thanks to the special texture of TVM Observence.

TVM Observence cat at a glance:
  • Supplementary food for cats
  • Also suitable for other carnivorous pets
  • Facilitates medication: for hidden administration of tablets or capsules
  • Easy to use: administration of a self-formed meatball as a snack to increase acceptance, can simply be given between meals or with food
  • Low calorie content: hardly any effect on total calorie intake
  • Very palatable: good smell and taste, hides the administered medicine
  • Special texture: prevents the tablet or capsule from being removed from the meatball by the cat


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Ingredients / composition
Micronised poultry meal, glycerol, monopropylene glycol, glucose syrup, pregelatinised rice starch, pork by-products, duck fat, sodium chloride.

Technological additives:
Preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein28.9 %
fat12.4 %
fibre1.0 %
ash9.4 %
moisture23.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation / Feeding guide
TVM Observence Cat is a complementary feed for cats.
For oral administration.
For each use, the animal is preferably in its usual environment.

1. Open the bag according to the dotted lines and take out the stick.
2. Cut a piece of the stick to a size that corresponds to a bite of your animal. Form a small dumpling and place it in the empty bowl.
Wait until your pet eats it without forcing it.
Do this step the first time you use it. This will allow the pet to become familiar with the product and get used to subsequent doses.
3. Repeat the process, this time inserting the tablet (or capsule) into the piece of the rod. The tablet (or capsule) must be invisible.
If the tablet is divisible, make several small pellets instead of one large one.
4. Due to the excellent preservation of the product at room temperature, you can store the bar for up to 3 months by closing the bag after opening.

The divisible stick allows you to adjust the volume of the meatball to the size of the tablet or capsule and to the pet's mouth.
OBSERVENCE® Cat: Up to 10 coated tablets or capsules *.

TVM Tip:
- Offer regularly as a reward to get your pet used to the product, making subsequent doses of tablet or capsule easier.
- No effect** on diet: Can be used as a daily treatment.
- To restore your pet's confidence and appetite, give him 1 or 2 pellets in the bowl without tablet or capsule.

Your vet may need to adjust the suggested dosage. Follow his recommendations carefully.

*according to their size.
**Not higher in calories than a low calorie snack of the same weight.