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Terra Canis Classic 12 x 200g

Product description

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Mixed Pack: 6 Flavours
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Product description

Gluten-free, premium wet food for adults dogs, produced in Germany, with natural food-grade ingredients, low in grain, gently steam cooked, various flavours
Terra Canis Classic offers tasty, quality food straight from Bavaria. This is a premium wet food that is suitable as a daily complete food for adult dogs of a healthy weight. It will spoil your pet with a delicious, natural flavour at every meal.

This dog food is produced in a traditional Bavarian butcher’s shop and only contains ingredients of food-grade quality, meaning that it would also be suitable for human consumption. Your pooch will enjoy lots of variety thanks to the different flavours available. This Terra Canis complete food is gluten-free and low in grain. It is gently steam cooked so that the natural flavour and nutrients are preserved. Terrra Canis Classic is a particularly high-quality dog food that is the perfect choice for owners that only want to give their beloved pet the very best. 

The Mixed Pack contains: 
  • 2 x Beef
  • 2 x Turkey & Brown Rice
  • 2 x Lamb
  • 2 x Venison
  • 2 x Chicken
  • 2 x Rabbit
Terra Canis Classic 12 x 200g at a glance: 
  • High-quality complete wet food for adult dogs of a normal weight
  • Balanced recipe: suitable as a complete food to be eaten every day
  • 100% food-grade quality: carefully selected high-quality ingredients, suitable for human consumption
  • Gluten-free: recipe is low in grain and free from gluten, easily digestible for dogs that have no intolerances to grain or pseudocereals
  • Steam cooked: gentle cooking process to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients 
  • Very tasty: various delicious flavours, high acceptance 
  • German quality: produced in a traditional Bavarian Butcher’s


Beef heart (30%), courgette, carrot (12%), beef lung (11%), apple (9%), beef muscle meat (7%), beef liver (7%), brown rice (6%), apricot, linseed oil, egg shell powder, brewer’s yeast, basil, fennel seeds, parsley, algae (0.13%), minerals clay, rosehip powder. 

Turkey & Brown Rice:
Turkey heart (60%), turkey muscle meat (20%), brown rice (10%), turkey liver (7%), linseed oil, egg shell powder, brewer’s yeast, dandelion (0.3%), mineral clay, algae (0.1%). 

Lamb heart (35%), courgette (13%), lamb lung (11%), carrot, millet (8%), apple, celery, linseed oil, brewer’s yeast, egg shell powder, basil, dill (0.2%), fennel seeds, algae (0.13%), mineral clay, flower pollen. 

Deer and stag muscle meat (50%), potato, carrot, pumpkin (8%), courgette, celeriac, low-fat yoghurt, beetroot, amaranth (3%), linseed oil, cranberries (0.5%), egg shell powder, brewer’s yeast, chive, basil, algae (0.13%), mineral clay, flower pollen.

Chicken heart (24%), tomato (17%), chicken gizzards (14%), chicken muscle meat (14%), chicken liver (7%), pear, amaranth (5%), millet, beetroot, celery, coconut flour, linseed oil, egg shell powder, brewer’s yeast, basil (0.4%), chive, mineral clay, algae, inca sun salt, rosehip. 

Rabbit muscle meat (30%), turkey liver (26%), pumpkin, courgette (7%), tomato, millet, celery, amaranth (4%), linseed oil, egg shell powder, brewer’s yeast, wild garlic (0.2%), chive, ground linseeds, mineral clay, inca sun salt, algae (0.1%), flower pollen.

Additives per kg
Nutritional additives:
Beef/ Turkey & Brown Rice/ Chicken/ Rabbit: 
Vitamin D3 (E671) (350 IU), copper (E4) (3mg), iodine (3b201) (0.8mg), zinc (3b603) (60mg), vitamin E (3a700) (50mg). 

Lamb/ Venison:
Vitamin A (3a672a) (4,000 IU), vitamin D3 (E671) (500 IU), copper (E4) (5mg), iodine (3b201) (0.8mg), zinc (3b603) (60mg), vitamin E (3a700) (50mg), selenium (E8) (0.1kg). 

Analytical Constituents: 
Protein: 8.8%, fat: 6.9%, fibre: 0.7%, ash: 1.2%, moisture: 75.6%, calories that can be burned: 4.7 MJ/kg.

Turkey & Brown Rice:
Protein: 10.6%, fat: 10.4%, fibre: 0.3%, ash: 1.1%, moisture: 70.9%, calories that can be burned: 6.2 MJ/kg.

Protein: 8.5%, fat: 5.9%, fibre: 1%, ash: 1.4%, moisture: 74.4%, calories that can be burned: 4.6 MJ/kg.

Protein: 6.6%, fat: 4.4%, fibre: 1%, ash: 1.1%, moisture: 79.1%, calories that can be burned: 3.7 MJ/kg.

Protein: 9.4%, fat: 5.2%, fibre: 0.7%, ash: 1.1%, moisture: 78.6%, calories that can be burned: 4.7 MJ/kg.

Protein: 9.7%, fat: 3.9%, fibre: 0.8%, ash: 1.4%, moisture: 77.4%, calories that can be burned: 3.8 MJ/kg.

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Terra Canis Classic is a complete food for dogs.
Dog's Weight Daily Amount in g/ per day
5kg 200 - 300g
10kg 400 - 500g
20kg 700 - 900g
30kg 1,000 - 1,300g
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