Julius K9 Power Harness - Red

: 5/5
The original by Julius K9! This robust power harness was originally developed for professional use for emergency and police dogs....further information
Product description
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red
Julius K9 Power Harness - Red

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Product description

The original by Julius K9! This robust power harness was originally developed for professional use for emergency and police dogs.

The Julius K9 Power Harness was developed for the Austrian police and fire services and has since been used by rescue teams in numerous emergency operations such as earthquakes.

The surface of the power harness is made from robust, scratch-proof and water-resistant polyester, which makes it an ideal harness for all dogs that love to roam through shrubs and wilderness. The harness is padded with Ökotex, a breathable cotton that is gentle on the skin. The continuously adjustable chest and belly straps enable perfect fitting.

The harness has a label patch on each side where you can fit reflective slogans with Velcro. The harness is fitted with reflectors, improving your dog's visibility around roads at night. The waist belts in sizes 0 - 3 have a reflective strip stitched on and the belts for sizes Baby, Mini-Mini and Mini have reflective stitching.

The back of the harness features an INOX® steel ring for the lead, which makes the harness much more comfortable than a conventional collar. The back also features a handle* (open and closes with Velcro) that enables you to lift or hold your dog for a short time.

JULIUS-K9® Power Harness - Red at a glance:
  • High-quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs
  • Ideal for professional use, outdoor activities and dog sports such as dummy training or agility
  • Individually adjustable: adjustable chest and tummy straps
  • Durable material: scratch-proof and water resistant
  • Handle on the back: for holding or supporting your dog
  • Sturdy INOX®-steel ring on the back: for attaching a lead
  • Extremely comfortable: lined with skin-friendly OEKO-TEX®, Made in Germany
  • Improved visibility: reflective chest strap and edging
  • Illuminous sticker with JULIUS-K9®-logo on the side
  • Velcro closure on the handle
  • Harness type: saddle harness
  • Material:
    • Outer material: 100% polyester
    • Lining: 100% ÖKO-TEX®-certified cotton
    • D-Ring: INOX® (steel)
  • Colour: red/ black
  • Closure type: Klick fastening
  • Closure material: plastic
Sizing Chart
Size Chest circumference Belt width Weight Handle
Mini-Mini 40 - 53cm 22mm 4 - 7kg yes
Mini 49 - 67cm 28mm 7 - 15kg yes
Size 0 58 - 76cm 40mm 14 - 25kg yes
Size 1 63 - 85cm 50mm 23 - 30kg yes
Size 2 71 - 96cm 50mm 28 - 40kg yes

Please note: Always close the handle on the back before letting your dog run loose!



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Latest user reviews

12/04/23 | Keith
: 3/5

Be careful

these harnesses look great and they are durable. but dogs can slip out of them. if they pull back hard enough, while you are pulling forward the harness can slip off over the dogs head. this has happened to me twice with two different dogs.
: 5/5

k9 harness

we have a 14 month old Labrador. after getting this harness my wife can walk our dog in comfort. she can control the dog with the handle on top of the harness.. real easy to put on.. this was size 1 as this is important.. delighted with this product
02/10/18 | Y Thomas N Yorks
: 5/5

Fantastic product but learn how to fit it properly before using

Amazing. Comfortable, robust, breathable in hot weather, dry pretty quick, I m\c wash to keep clean. My dogs have had these since pups and are absolutely worth every penny! Just a word on fitting. The girth strap should be back towards where the dog's waist narrows NOT behind front legs. Fasten it behind the legs and not only can it chafe the skin, dogs can back out of or slide out when being picked up by the handle. At 35kgs my dogs need a secure harness for agility & lifting. this is it!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
10/05/18 | Mandi JT
: 5/5

Fantastic harness

Have just purchased a Julius K9 for our bulldog pup ... easy to fit, very comfortable for the pooch, highly recommended as very supportive, great value for money.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
14/02/18 | Caryl Jewitt
: 5/5

Worth every penny!

I love this power harness - I cannot understand how it works for my dog when other harnesses have failed!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/02/18 | Gez
: 5/5

Excellent, durable, adaptable,

My current two Gsd both have a Julius harness. One has the side bags also. I have recommended these to my clients in my Dog Training business.. Correct sizing is important though. I also recommend getting a chest strap addition with the jk9. In all, a delight to use.
26/12/17 | Denise humm
: 5/5

Ms denise

I have bought two of these harnesses for my German shepherd and they are the best like many of you I have tried so many harnesses in the past to stop his pulling and this is the only one that works he is really happy to put this on and the added hand hold on the top is ideal when you need complete control now going to purchase one for our new arrival Buster a mixed terrier
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
28/10/17 | Alison
: 3/5

Great looking but slip...

Purchased 2 Julius K9 harnesses for my Mini Schnauzers and they look fab. I altered them according to the vid on the JK9 site and they fitted great. But , every time we do a lead walk & my dogs wander a little wide of me, the harnesses slip over to one side which is very irritating. I've tried to tighten them a bit more but can't have them uncomfortable, and they still do it. So where the chest strap has been lowered it infringes on the dogs front legs. I have to get better fitting harnesses.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
17/03/17 | Charlotte
: 5/5

Great product

Bought this exact harness back in Aug 2016 for my Boston terrier. She is 5.3kg and is a mini-mini. Harness fits perfectly and can fit a jumper underneath in the winter. Still good as new. Never had any problems or her slipping from her harness. Doesn't pull on her throat. Have bought another for my new puppy.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
28/02/17 | Daisy
: 5/5


I have used an IDC K9 size mini mini for my king charles cavalier puppy from the age of 4 months. She is a year old now and out grown it, so i am just ordering the next size up. its comfortable and safe. She gets very excited on walks but has never wriggled out of it. You need to double check it each time you put it on to check that only your dogs head is above the front strap (not their front legs) and that the belt is still a snug fit and not become too loose.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/02/17 | Dave
: 4/5

Great but not anti pulling

I love this harness, really looks the part and the handle on top I find very helpful. I also think that the fitting of the harness is the easiest ever and the people that say there dog escaped I am shocked by cause it seems very secure to me.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
22/09/16 | Linda Monk
: 2/5


Bought this harness because of the good reviews but the straps came undone twice whilst my dog was in it so personally for me its not fit for purpose. I rang customer services and as told to discard the harness which I have now done and I would get a refund in 5-7 days. The 7 days aren't up yet but I will be checking my account soon. So disappointed!
20/04/16 | Jess
: 5/5

Only harness I will use

I have recently had to purchase another of these, after nearly four years of use every day on a very excitable dog who pulls like a freight train, the stitching around the D-ring came loose and then broke. This harness has been completely submerged in water on many occasions as my dog retrieved his toys from the sea, it has been very well used and I was more than happy to purchase another after the first one lasted so long. Not for dogs who are reluctant to walk and pull back, they may be able to escape from it, be careful!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
13/04/16 | Adele
: 5/5

Great quality & fantastic price at zooplus!

I've read a few negative comments on here about this harness - I've had mine for over a year & I have to say that they are the best harnesses I have ever used. I have a size 1 for my 30kg Golden Retriever & a baby for my small but leggy chihuahua. Both walk well in them & prefer the no fuss putting on. We get like lots of compliments about them too. Could my dogs escape from them? Yes, probably if they really tried hard enough but in my experience, that's true of any collar or harness. Overall great value.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/04/16 | Mrs Diane Suckling
: 5/5

Great harness

We have a rescue English bull terrier that pulled when on collar & lead, saw quite a few on fb groups wearing this harness & after chatting to a few of the owners about the harness decided to get our girl one. Unfortunately the fitting guide that came with the harness was only in German, so did a search on YouTube & found a how to video. Once fitted correctly it is very easy to put on & take off, our girl took to it straight away. It is a pleasure to walk her now, no pulling at all.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
16/02/16 | Pamela Young
: 3/5


I have a very excitable and over exuberant 3 year old Staffie who looks great in this harness. It is sturdy and well made but, unfortunately, there is a very big but. Somehow, when she gets over enthusiastic meeting other dogs and people, she manages to free her front leg. We can't work out how she manages to do it but she does. We are now to scared to take her out with it on. I have given 3 stars for build and quality and the ease with which it can be put on and off.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5

Best I've ever seen!

We bought this harness in size 2 for our Labrador and I was surprised at the quality for the amazing price. It is a snug fit and I was happy that the harness left no obvious mark or thinning fur on my dog. 5 stars, this is an incredible product and I highly recommend it to anyone.
15/12/15 | Patricia
: 5/5

Good harness

2 of my dogs have these good fit. strongly made . They seem to enjoy wearing them too.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
11/11/15 | Gillian
: 5/5

Most amazing harness ever !!

We have a very strong and determined 7 month old GSD and also a 7 year old Husky and walking both together have been an nightmare this past few months as the GSD always has to be just a nose ahead of our Husky, anyway we have tried every harness and tactic possible to stop her pulling and after reading the reviews on the Julius K9 Power Harness i decided to purchase one and i am not disappointed. Almost immediately we noticed the difference no more pulling. Will purchase one for the husky asap
03/09/15 | Louise with amber & leopold
: 5/5

very strong quality🐺

I ordered two of these one in red size3 for our 9 yr old black & tan girl gsd & a light green size3 for our 13 month old dark sable boy gsd they both look very posh I must say ,we also got some extra security Velcro patches for them & they look fab.really strong quality and plenty of room for growing large dogs to adjust the desired size you need.so far so good a good replacement of their old harnesses. Also great quick on / off clasp click if your in a hurry.only wish the instruction/ care booklet was in English but very good for the price ,and am very happy with my zooplus orders over the past few yrs ,especially as my German dogs do enjoy their German Markus muhle food too at great prices its our favourite online dog shop thanks zooplus 🐺 👍
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk