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JULIUS-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness

Product description

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Size S: Chest Circumference 49 - 66cm
Was  €61.99
Now €51.99
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Size M: Chest Circumference 56 -76cm
Was  €65.99
Now €54.99
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Size L: Chest Circumference 66 - 86cm
Was  €67.99
Now €56.99
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Size XL: Chest Circumference 70 - 96cm
Was  €70.99
Now €58.99
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Product description

Trendy Y-Harness with chest & back padding, click fastenings & adjustable straps on both sides to make it easy to put on, very comfortable & fits well, Duo-Flex®-System helps reduce pulling movement
The JULIUS-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness is the perfect companion for all your adventures, whether you're going for a quick lap around the park, or a sightseeing tour through the city - or even an epic journey through the wild. With this functional harness, you will always be in control of the situation, keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

The padding on the chest and back of the harness is made from soft neoprene and features an innovative micro-vibration absorption system which can soften sudden movements and sharp pulls on the lead. Elastic elements attached to the three metal rings on the chest and back work together to reduce the impact of your dog tugging on the lead.

The harness is easy to put on and take off thanks to the click fastenings on both sides which does away with the need to fiddle with your dog's legs as they step into their harness. The harness is made from high quality materials in Germany and is an excellent choice thanks to its solid construction and practical features.

JULIUS-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness - black/grey at a a glance:
  • Modern Y-Harness for dogs that is gentle on the joints
  • Ideal for longer walks or hikes in nature
  • Duo-Flex®-System: micro-vibration absorption system softens sudden movements and spares joints while maintaining maximum freedom and mobility
  • Easy to put on and take off: adjustable straps, click fastenings on both sides
  • Comfortable and flexible: back padding made from soft neoprene
  • Improved safety and visibility: reflective and phosphorescent trim
  • Adjust separately: neck circumference can be adjusted, straps can be lengthened or shortened to find perfect fit
  • Rubber-coated grip on the back: for a secure hold in hairy situations
  • Padded click fastenings: for additional comfort
  • Made in the EU: produced in Germany using high quality materials
  • Trendy design: eye-catching shape and colour combination, branded with logo on the back
  • Ring on the back to attach the lead
  • Type of harness: Y-Harness
  • Material:                
    • Harness: Nylon
    • Rings: Metal
    • Fastenings: Plastic
  • Colour: black/grey
  • Types of Fastenings: velcro fastening, click fastenings

Sizing Table:
Size Chest Circumference Neck Circumference Strap Width - Neck  Strap Width - Chest Length of Y-strap  Back Section  L x W Suitable for dogs
S 49 - 66cm 38 - 46cm 2.1cm 2.8cm 27cm 17 x 25cm 9 - 15kg
M 56 - 76cm 38 - 54cm 2.1cm 2.8cm 29cm 17 x 25cm 14 - 20kg
L 66 - 86cm 43 - 60cm 2.8cm 2.8cm 29cm 21 x 29cm 16 - 22kg
XL 70 - 96cm 50 - 70cm 2.8cm 2.8cm 31cm 21 x 29cm 20 - 28kg
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4 Varieties from €51.99