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Trixie House Training Drops

Product description

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Product description

Drops for toilet training puppies, sprinkle onto puppy pads, makes it easy for puppies to find their toilet, pleasant scent, ideal for training
House training young puppies can be a long and difficult process. Trixie House Training Drops have been specially developed to help with this. 

These drops can simply be sprinkled onto puppy training pads. Their special scent makes it easy for your pup to find the place where it should do its business. But don’t worry, these droplets don’t give off any unpleasant scents for humans. 

Trixie House Training Drops at a glance:
  • Drops to help with house training puppies
  • Supports training: step by step toilet training
  • Sprinkle on puppy pads: newspaper or special puppy pads are ideal for training, your puppy learns to do its business there
  • Special scent: your puppy can easily find where it should do its business
  • No bad smells: droplets do not leave behind a bad smell
  • Use in combination with Trixie puppy pads, available separately
  • Contents: 50ml
Tips for use: Sprinkle 2 -3 drops onto a puppy pad or newspaper and place it near your puppy’s bed area. Put your puppy on the pad or newspaper straight after it wakes up and after it eats or drinks then wait until your puppy has done its business. Replace the pad after every use and put out a new one. The pad can gradually be moved closer and closer to the door until it is outside the house and your puppy learns to go outdoors. 

Important: Remember to praise your puppy after every correct use!


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