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Simple Solution Washable Dog Nappy - Male

Product description

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Size S, 1 Piece
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Product description

Dog nappy for male dogs, perfect for senior dogs or dogs suffering from incontinence. Washable and reuseable with highly absorbent padding. Easy to use with velcro straps.
With the Simple Solution washable dog nappy, there won't be any more unpleasant accidents! The pad ensures more cleanliness and well-being and is also environmentally friendly, as it is not a disposable product, but you can simply wash and reuse the nappy.

The washable pad for male dogs is particularly practical for dogs with incontinence. However, it can also be used for four-legged friends who urinate quickly when excited or often want to mark their territory. It is easy to use and offers long-lasting protection!

Simple Solution Washable Dog Nappy - Male at a glance:
  • Washable pad for male dogs, ideal for senior dogs
  • Useful in many situations: more hygienic for incontinent dogs, prevents scent-marking or urination caused by excitement
  • Super-absorbent: offers long-lasting protection, keeps moisture inside while the outside stays dry
  • Comfortable: waistband with moisture-wicking lining, protects the skin and coat from wetness
  • Easy to use: simple to put on and take off with its Velcro fasteners
  • With elastic & wide velcro: secure, snug fit, comfortable
  • Easy-care properties: machine washable up to 40°C
  • Colour: blue
  • Material: microfibre cellulose, waterproof fleece, hydrophobic fleece
  • Size:
    • Size S: for male dogs with waist circumference 20 – 48 cm, Weight: 4 – 7 kg
    • Size M: for male dogs with waist circumference 30 – 58 cm, Weight: 4 – 16 kg
    • Size L: for male dogs with waist circumference 45 – 89 cm, Weight: 16 – 40 kg
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