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HAFENBANDE Cottage Plastic Dog Kennel

Product description

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Size S: 59 x 75 x 66 cm (W x D x H)
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Size M: 72 x 87 x 75.5 cm (W x D x H)
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Product description

Dog kennel for small and medium-sized dogs. Ideal for dogs that suffer from dust allergies as it is easy to clean. Made of weatherproof plastic with good air circulation thanks to the air slits.
A decorative little house for indoors and outdoors: The HAFENBANDE Cottage plastic dog kennel looks very cosy at first sight and scores with a well thought-out design. It is made of weatherproof plastic and is ideal for dogs with allergies, as the smooth material is particularly hygienic, easy to clean and not susceptible to infestation from parasites.

The dog house for small to medium-sized dogs has a comfortable roof hatch as well as side ventilation slits. The plastic dog house is kept in subtle, natural colours and blends in wonderfully with green surroundings, such as the garden.

HAFENBANDE Cottage Plastic Dog Kennel at a glance:
  • Dog kennel made of weatherproof plastic for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ideal for allergy-suffering dogs: suitable accommodation for dogs with dust allergies or a compromised immune system, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Comfortable roof hatch: adjustable in inclination (Size M additionally lockable)
  • Good air circulation: ventilation slits at the back and sides (in Size M the side vents can be closed using a slider)
  • Quick hygienic cleaning: simply rinse dirt and mud off surfaces and allow to dry
  • Drainage holes in the floor: prevents water
  • Air circulation under the kennel: no contact with the cold ground
  • Label area above the entrance: space for your dog's name
  • Simple and easy assembly: secure plug-in connections for all 4 walls. Roof is screwed together using included screwdriver
  • Attractive design: dark green roof colour blends well with any garden
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour:
    • Kennel: light grey
    • Roof: green

Size chart:
  S M
Outer dimensions:
W x D x H (roof)
59 x 75 x 66 cm 72 x 87 x 75.5 cm
Inner dimensions:
W x D x H (middle/ side)
42 x 55 x 58 / 40 cm 56 x 67 x 65 / 45 cm
Ground clearance: 7.5 cm 8 cm
Thickness: 1.7 mm 2.1 mm
Roof overhang:
Entrance/ Side/ Rear
8.5 / 6 / 8.5 cm 8,5 / 6 / 8.5 cm
Side vents:
W x H
31 x 5.5 cm 42 x 7.5 cm, closeable
Dachgitter / Abdeckung
B x H
20 x 10 cm / 28 x 13,5 cm 29 x 19 cm / 39,5 x 24
rückwärtiges Lüftungsgitter
12 cm 15,5 cm
B x H (mittig)
26 x 41 cm 32 x 47,5 cm
Max. Belastbarkeit: 25 kg 40 kg

Please note: The kennel should not be too large, so that your dog can create and maintain a warm and pleasant climate with its own body heat. If the kennel is too large, it is possible that your dog will quickly become too cold. However, it is also important to ensure that the kennel has adequate ventilation on hotter days, to keep your dog from overheating.

Assembly tip: Roof hatch can be mounted on the left or right side.
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